About us

Welcome to our site, Adultpaywebsites.com.

The purpose behind the creation of this site was to provide an accurate and unbiased source of porn websites reviews, that talks about the sites that you want to watch, and about the things you want to know. Without a doubt, you are aware of the immense amounts of porn out there, but what we really want to know is:

  • Which sites really provide good value for the money they charge?
  • Is the site constantly updated with new content?
  • Is the site safe for my computer, or for my payment information?

Luckily, you don’t need to be wondering anymore, because we are here to tell you about the sites you can visit without fears.

At adultpaywebsites.com, we only include the websites that offer worthy content. We make sure of this because we have a team dedicated to access the porn sites, and obtain all the experience-based information that anyone who intends to visit the site wants to know. We pass beyond the attractive marketing many websites have, and we get to see all that is great or not so great about them. With this, we can safely tell you if any site will be worth your money, or if you should better run away and never look back.

Our team of experts

We can say that our team is a very diverse one. There are men and women in our team, and many of them are experts on very diverse fields, such as webmasters, sexologists, journalists, etc. We also have regular people who will test the sites and let us know everything they find. Everyone in our team has the purpose of providing a list of the websites that really deliver a good experience for their users, and that are worth the money you pay. That is our motivation.

To become a member of our team, a person must go through several tests, so we can be sure that he or she is the correct type of person for our team; and that he or she is someone the rest of our team wants to work with. We only accept people who are willing to provide honest reviews. If anyone wants to add or favor any given website for any particular interest, we will not accept him/her.

Our review parameters

In order to provide a good review of a porn website, we take into account a variety of parameters. For example, we check:

  • User-friendliness of the website
  • Quality of all the material they offer
  • How often they add new material
  • If the price they charge to become a member corresponds to what the site offers
  • Other user related aspects.

But that is not all. We also take into consideration many factors that are under a more technical category, for instance,  if the site is free of any bug or problem, if there are many broken links, unwanted pop-ups or things that might affect the experience that the site provides.

Furthermore, we also verify that, safety wise, everything is ok with the website. We do not want you to compromise your computer (many of us have really valuable information stored in our computers and cannot afford to lose it), your identity or your credit card/payment method information. We make sure that every website we list is completely safe. We like to collaborate closely with the sites we want to review. This also allow us to make sure that those in charge of the sites are serious business people who care about their customers and want to give their premium websites’ members the best experience they can offer. We only recommend and believe in people who work like that.

Because of the close collaboration we have with several website owners, we can offer through our site really good discounts for our visitors. For them, this is a way to attract more members to their sites, and for us, it is a way to encourage more people to visit our website. Besides that, we also feature a nice variety of free premium porn content, courtesy of some of the website owners, because they want to give our readers a sample of their content and quality. Feel free to check out our free videos and material; for sure you will find something you will absolutely like.

So go ahead and check out all that we have to offer, read our reviews so you can get a clear idea of the websites and decide if they are what you want. Make sure to check out as well our free content section (you will not be disappointed, we guarantee that), and finally, take advantage of the great deals and discounts we offer on some of the best porn premium sites in the world.

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