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One of the best adult pay sites starring stunning softcore flicks


This is a true softcore porn entertainment site with a rich repertoire of photos and a considerable video library. Most of the photos and videos are focused on lingerie entertainment. The site is linked to Claude Christian; the owner of several other affiliate sites, including Sexy Settings. One element that you won’t miss within the first few moments of visiting the site is the high caliber of beauty on display on this site.

Design and Features

The site is perfectly accessible via mobile devices. You also get decent speeds at each click as you browse the site. My qualms came when I tried to look for a streaming option. Well, I guess that is the bad news for you. However, you can download the content with the numerous beautiful and sexually attractive models in their designer lingerie and titillating stockings and pantyhose outfits. The site is also enabled for access by iOS run devices. The site is displayed against a black décor that reflects a classic movie feel. The video quality is commendable. I have no complaints whatsoever regarding the skills of the camera people or the actual production. The images and scenes are admirably clear. You don’t get any bonuses or live cams here, but you certainly get a treat from the exclusive soft-porn content. The scenes are listed in order of the dates they were updated. I guess that renders some help in searching for content. They make a significant effort to make the site navigable. Although there is no search tool available, there are other options for sifting through the content here.

Girls and Videos

The girls are strikingly beautiful. The lingerie they wear makes them amazing. However, their actions are the ones that absolutely steal the show. Claude has something for amateur girls. I think I share this fetish. The girls come across as your pretty girl in the next office or three doors down from your apartment. Their reactions to the camera are typical of models who are trying it out for the first time. The thought of someone having an almost uninhibited view of their feminine treasures is something that jolts them in their skin a little. It shows in their faces as they shyly succumb to the script. Their nude bodies come out clearly as they pursue multiple sensual adventures. I was treated to some awesome slavish scenes too. However, this is not hardcore stuff. Claude lives true to his preferences in BDSM as he shoots videos of girls tied up in comfy places and softly, romantically tormented by their partners. They are blindfolded, gagged and strapped to objects around the houses. I also got to see a case of spanking, but the girl didn’t seem to be really overwhelmed; rather, she showed all signs of enjoying it the whole time. The models come from across the globe. I loved the brownies and colored models as they displayed their beautifully contoured bodies. There are 176 videos featured on this site. The length of the videos varies. You are also privy to a significant number of galleries available for viewing on the site. There are 203 galleries with 50 pics in each of them. There is a zip file available for downloads. This helps users store their favorite content in one place. There is no limit for the number of photos you can download. The files are made in MP4 and MV4 formats.


If you can overlook the nuances of user-friendly features you won’t get on the site, you are likely to get a time of your life with the exclusive content on this platform. It is the ultimate destination for soft-core entertainment. You are also assured of fresh videos that are added once every month.

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