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Wednesday, 05 April 2017 / Published in Erotic Sites
Nice porn site to have fun with awesome erotic Hd porn videos


Flower Panties is an amazing HD erotic porn website featuring high-quality erotica content. Flower Panties is a simple but erotic adult website that will make your private time more sensual and pleasurable. The focus, rather than hardcore sex, is on making love with cute ladies, which are willing to show you more than their sexy lingerie.

Amazing adult website to get some fine erotic material

Design and features

As the name implies, the main focus on Flower Panties is lovely girls showing their even lovelier lacey underthings, providing steamy sex stories that come along with it. The web interface and design are reminiscent of the eighties and this is where Flower Panties get their inspiration, from the freedom to do whatever they want. It is rather refreshing to read some good stories instead of brainwashing us by flashing a pair of perky tits. It feels nice to have a website romance us with their three notable qualities such as exclusive content, erotic stories, and bonus websites. Let’s first talk about their exclusive content. Flower Panties has dedicated themselves to keep their content on their website exclusive as much as possible.

Whenever their content is downloaded, there is a distinct watermark so other websites cannot use their content and claim the content as their own. The second quality is their erotic stories. Now, I know this is not some poetry sharing and reading website, but their stories are too good to be not read. The stories vary from intimate first date turned sexual awakening to lustful trysts in a dark alley on a rainy city night. Either way, there are at least 1, 400+ stories are too interesting and too good to pass up. The final item is the bonus website for members. After your third day as a registered member, Flower Panties will give their members access to a couple of bonus niche websites.

Websites such as Cuties In Tights, Pee Hunters, Plump Mature, and at least a dozen more websites that will satisfy your hunger. As if that wasn’t enough, the generous hearts of Flower Panties have blessed us with unlimited streaming and downloading. Yes, that was no typo, and you read that right. Unlike other adult video websites, Flower Panties does not disable or charge hidden fees in your account for unlimited online streaming of offline downloading. But don’t get your panties in a twist yet because those three features are not the only highlights that made me sign up for Flower Panties.

Girls & Videos

The girls in Flower Panties are all beautiful and sexy women wrapped in the finest of silk and laced with the skimpiest of ribbons. These nubile and daring girls will show you what they have got and then some. If you go to their “Movies” tab, I suggest you prepare you and your jaw from dropping to the ground because they are drop dead gorgeous! There are at least 100+ videos of the girls ranging from sex toy play, fingering, solo masturbation, sexy stripteases and some sexy lesbian action. Since most of the content is submitted by the girls or members themselves, they don’t necessarily have a separate Model or Index page that lists all their featured ladies.

But if you want to see more of the girls and what other movies they have, you can hover over to the video description box, where their names are displayed. There is a number listed next to their names, this indicates how many videos this certain girl has. This usually is a number that varies between 1 to 6, a rather large number of the ladies have reached 6 videos. Despite the large submission per girl, the vast majority of the other girls has an average of 2 to 3 videos. The videos are not too shabby themselves, boasting to be high definition that is available for unlimited streaming and downloading. As a further bonus to the videos, Flower Panties has added a high-definition photo gallery for every video uploaded.

Half of them are stills from the videos and the other half are pictures taken from other angles mixed with a couple of behind the scenes shots. The number of photos varies for every album, but there it stands at a healthy amount of 50 to 300 photos per set. The pictures are also available for online viewing or offline downloading. You have the option to download each individual photo manually or as a photo set, packages in an orderly TAR file, which can be easily extracted with a ZIP file reader.


I have to admit when I first looked at Flower Panties, I thought this was some weird 80’s porn website with a strange pubic hair fetish. But upon further inspection, it is actually an excitingly uncommon themed website that has an odd yet pleasurable twist. They have unique content, erotic stories, and access to more than a dozen adult video websites. As if those mentioned features were not enough to entice you, they threw in some high definition videos, downloadable image galleries, unlimited streaming and downloading, just to sweeten the pot.

The lovely women featured on the website are practically selling themselves with their fresh nubile bodies, lusciously dangerous curves, and sinfully attractive stares. My overall verdict? I would definitely recommend this website to everyone who wants some good ol’ fun without breaking the bank. With the aforementioned perks, this makes Flower Panties a definite “Yes” on my list. The best part? My wife loves to read the stories together with me and would more than often come up to me, tell me a certain story and would like to see if we can re-enact them accordingly. This is definitely an added bonus on my end! Thanks to Flower Panties!

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