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Tuesday, 05 April 2016 / Published in Gay
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Nothing says fun like a huge, aroused dick, ready to penetrate some other dude’s ass. It could get a bit spoiled if the said dudes are pornstars or gay for pay actors, as then the action becomes obviously mediocre. That is why amateur sites are now rising, especially gaybannedvideos, where you could find all the gay action you prefer, all of it being very realistic. You would find no pornstar there, only 100% real gay content.

Design and features

The site is captivating from the first glance, as you lay your eyes upon the gigantic collage surrounding the site’s logo. The collage is consisted of many photos of dudes, naked and not naked, smiling, some of them showing their huge dicks. The other thing I have noticed are the many, many previews of videos and photos you would find below, showing dick to dick action, ass fucking, toys and other imaginative ways of having gay fun. The actual videos and photos are in the members’ area, where you would get by paying a small fee, one that is worth it, trust me, as the site has many more perks. The other noticeable things about the site are: the connection which never runs slow, is always lag free and constantly remains speedy. And, of course, the optimization for the mobile devices. Yes, you could view your new favorite gay dudes on your mobile phones, TV sets and Xboxes, not having to wait one bit, as the connection is ever speedy, even on said devices.

Boys & Videos

When it comes to the content, what you have to understand that these are the videos and photos of the various people out there in the world and that they definitely will vary in shape and size, length and quality. The only thing that remains constant is the content, which is gay, amateur and very exciting nonetheless. Resolutions are sometimes full HD, sometimes even more, depending on whether one of the gay dudes is a dedicated photographer, in which case you would get a very artistic video, and a very arousing one at the same time. At other times, the videos are of a simpler quality, one that could be likely attributed to the mobile devices and not the more professional cameras. Do not take this the wrong way, there are no professionals here, just dudes who like to fuck and tape their own videos and photos. Orgasms are common, and so are plain sex videos. The dudes are different in nature, some are burly and very fit, some are quite the opposite. Their nature varies, too, as some like softcore fucking, while others love stuffing huge toys up their asses, jerking off and fucking another dude, or more. There is, of course, threesome action, and sometimes foursomes, too. You too could submit a video should you desire to do so. Among the great perks that the site has is the option to download each and every one of the videos and the photos. You could also proceed to steam them if your hard drive is not large enough. When you join, however, you also get access to 20 more sites, all of which have different content and are updated regularly.


Yes, you would get 20 more sites for the price of one, and all of their content, free to download as you please. That is probably the best deal you could get upon joining any site, and you should know that the content is updated daily, videos being added by users constantly. At gaybannedvideos, you become the winner, having so much great porn and even access to other sites, along with unlimited downloads. Do not hesitate to visit and join it.

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