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Monday, 31 July 2017 / Published in Gay
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One of the largest online community gay porn sites, Gay Friend Finder has over 50,000 active members that are not only into sexy gay porn but are also into meeting other members from the neighborhood. The gay porn videos in the collection are not the kind of gay xxx scenes that you can find in other gay porn sites. The collection holds unscripted scenes to enjoy.

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Design and features

The website is a decent looking site and it looks more like a social media site than a porn site. Gay Friend Finder does not have a large banner at the top of the page where you can usually see a slideshow of erotic images. The site looks clean and professional. You can only find advertisements from sponsors and other related porn sites. Then, there’s a search option where you can start looking for members who are around your area. The goal of this site is to give an opportunity to its members to meet up and hook up– if they prefer. The site can also suggest and present a list of profiles that are nearby. In my case though, the suggested profiles were from the neighboring countries, which is not that helpful.

However, if you happen to live in a place where a lot of people are using Gay Friend Finder, you will most probably find accurate results. The registration process of the site is divided into four sections. First, you will be asked of your preference– male or group. Then, you will be asked to provide your birth date, country and province. On the third step, you need to provide an existing email, a unique username and a password. The system will then verify your email address and if proven to be an existing address, you account will be created. The next few steps will be about setting up your profile like uploading a profile picture and making an introductory video.

Navigating the site is just easy. You can find a lot of tools to use for a very convenient experience. The main menu of the site is sitting across the upper portion of the page. There’s the homepage button, browse button, chat button, video button, blog button and magazine button. Each of these buttons takes you to the different interesting sections of the site. The browse button is where you can find 50,000 active members of the site with their photos attached to their profiles.

In this section, you can find list of countries from the different continents and the total number of active members that it has. The chat button will lead you to different chat rooms. You can search chat rooms according to location or by searching specific keywords. For first timers, the Lobby chat room will give you a warm welcome. The video section of the page is not extensive though. Here, you will find videos that are intended as introductions only. Members think of a nice way to present themselves to other members since afterall, first impression lasts. Lastly, the blogs and magazine sections are also other sections where you can interact with other members.

Blogs are where you can market yourself by creating a page about yourself and highlighting your special features. Your blogs are public and are viewable by other members. The magazine section is where you can find articles created by other members. This is difficult from blogs because these articles usually contain tips and general information that are helpful to other members. Basically, anyone can post anything under the sun. The most popular topics are about dating, gay relationships, coming out and family issues. There are also lifestyle topics like fashion, beauty and social life.

The membership of the site is just cheap. You can actually get it for free but with limited access to the site’s features. For the paid members, you can either be a silver member or upgrade to gold membership. Silver members, although they are more prioritized than the free members, there are still some sections in the site where they cannot access and only the gold members can. Also, another perk of being a gold member is the high percentage of getting a match because gold member’s profiles are always on top of the search result.

Girls & Videos

The models in Gay Friend Finder are the active members that are seeking for hook ups. The site has over 50,000 members from different regions. Most of the members are from United States with 10,800 members from California– the state with the biggest number of active members. Overall, there are 93,700 members from United States of America. Canada, on the other hand, has over 7,000 members from all of its provinces. Even in Australia too! There are 5,627 members from Australia. From the Caribbean to the Middle East, you can surely find members.

Due to this number, there are a lot of variations how the members look. Some have chiseled abdomen, hairy chests and sharp jawlines. There are also some members who look very amateur and fresh. You can also find chubby guys here– talk about dad bod, right? You can also find a lot of different dating preferences here. Some likes a one-night stand only while some are looking for a serious relationship. Some are also looking for a long-term fuck buddy.


Gay Friend Finder is a neat site to interact with gays from your neighborhood. I find this site very helpful most especially when you just moved into the neighborhood and you are looking for companions. However, extra caution must be observed while using this site. So far, I enjoyed browsing around the site. Just by looking around, I saw how some members were very enthusiastic to use this site for whatever purpose they have. I also like the different membership options the site has. And as a free member, I would say that it’s still worth your time.

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