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Monday, 10 April 2017 / Published in Amateur Porn Sites
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PrivateSexTapes is one of the best amateur porn sites to watch especially if you are into reality porn. Of course, this is not your average ordinary porn site where amateurs merely submit their homemade sex tapes – it is more than that. Can you believe that the producers of this genius site are also paying couples to submit a seven hours long video into their database? Well, that is exactly what is going on in here, plus more. If chosen, not only will the couple get paid, their homemade sex video will be plastered all over the site and broken into cut scenes and be presented weekly. With a unique and original idea pumped into this satisfyingly good amateur adult site, there is so much to look forward to. PrivateSexTapes was launched back in June 2011 and is currently under the WTF Porn Pass network. For stunning homemade porn, PrivateSexTapes is the place to be.

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Design and features

PrivateSexTapes is a huge site and so you would expect it to be cluttered and all, but it is not. It actually is a pretty organized porn site with a simple site design. The simplicity is what always gets me because it gives you the chance to focus on their content rather than how it looks like. In this case, it is a huge help as PrivateSexTapes is not exactly what you would refer to as little in terms of content count. Although a little overwhelming at first, the site’s navigation is fairly simple, both to understand and use. The same goes to the site interface and arrangement; they are organized, straightforward, and really beneficial. Links are found on the top part of the site, in the top menu bar. The main page is littered with newly uploaded videos and updates. For each scene is also given an ample description so you would know exactly what to expect without really spoiling anything. Since this is a user submitted porn site, you can be sure that these are all amateur homemade porn. Despite that, you still get what you came for and more.

The site has more than 400 photo sets now and they contain about 150 photos each. The size and quality varies from time to time since they are submitted by different people, but they’re nothing less of decent. The photo sets can be downloaded in zip files, as well as saved individually. You can leave comments on the videos, as well as rate them. You may be able to bookmark them, too. Browsing is really easy here as you get an advanced search bar on top and a helpful categories toolbar, making it easy for you to track down content. You can also sort them out using their dates, titles, ratings, number of views, and popularity. Updates are frequent here, sometimes having new uploads everyday, even. Majority of the things you will find here are exclusive but there are also those that escape the naked eye. Well, considering that this is a user submitted porn site, it is rather possible that some may have leaked somewhere else.

Girls & Videos

PrivateSexTapes is a huge porn site with over 400 videos available to their audience. All the videos are user submitted and so you could refer to them as homemade sex tapes. They are usually from softcore to hardcore but more on the hardcore side. Despite being just user submitted, the video qualities you will have a choice of choosing in here are no less than great. I guess the least of the resolution I saw was at 1024 x 568. In here, you will see girls giving head, deep throating, engaging in threesomes, lesbian sex, some hardcore straight sex, anal, and so much more. This is the great thing about homemade sex tapes: anything goes.

You can stream the videos through your browser as long as your embedded flash player is updated. You can stream in a 1280 x 720 pixel resolution. You may resize the player if you want but it really does not affect the quality the video is in. You can also download the scenes in MP4 or AVI format. Downloading in MP4 will give you a 1280 x 720 pixel resolution while the latter will give you a 1024 x 568 pixel resolution. Download speeds will vary with your internet connection, as well as the buffering when it comes to streaming. There is no download limit and all the videos can be subjected to a full HD playback anytime.


When I first came across this site, I was expecting to find the usual things I would find in a common user submitted porn site. I was generally surprised when I figured that it was not like that; although the idea is there, PrivateSexTapes seemed to love taking it to the next ultimate level: by paying couples to submit great quality, homemade sex scenes. Of course, in my opinion, that raises the bar and it actually urges the kinky people to take it up a notch and submitting something truly worthy, making most of the scenes found in this site really wonderful. Unsurprisingly, all the quality you will find here is pretty decent and the updates are rather fast. Exclusivity is not a problem and the site in general, has a lot of potential to grow into something really good. I would recommend checking this one out especially if you are a sucker for homemade fuck videos.

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