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Slutty Gaggers is a blowjob xxx site that has a lot of interesting blowjob hardcore videos. This site is from the HD Porn Pass network and it has been around since December 2007. Slutty Gaggers has a wide selection of hot girls and unique blowjob xxx scenes that you can choose from.

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Design and features

This site proves that you don’t need to show too much cover ups in order to gain attention. In all honesty, there’s really nothing interesting about the aesthetic department of the site that makes it stand out from the rest of the well ornamented porn sites out there. But I would also like to say that this site is pretty much impressive when it comes to functionality. You wouldn’t find it difficult to go through the entire site and figure out the extra features that it has because the site is basically very easy to use. This way, you’ll be able to make the most out of the site without missing out some important stuff. Okay, going back to the aesthetics of the site.

There’s not much that you can see aside from the white background and the site’s logo that’s very visible in contrast to the plain white background. The header is also an attention seeker though. It is a combination of the following: a collage of erotic images of different slutty women, some news and updates about the site and a paragraph enumerating the different features of the site. There’s also a main menu that you’ll find just below the header. This is the only menu that’s present in the site and it is jam packed with all sorts of links that can help you browse the site. It is not only limited to the main sections of the page like the homepage and the contents section but it also has links to the extras of the site like the live cams and network sites. To wrap up everything about the website’s design, it is indeed full of information.

Aside from that, the site also offers a better tour compared to other porn sites out there. If you scroll down the homepage, you’ll see some videos with a 50 to 60 seconds preview to give you a sneak peek of what is it all about. There’s also a short summary about the scene to help you get into the mood a little bit further. Then, if you’re curious about the models, don’t worry because you can also find the model’s name visibly along with other helpful information about the video. One thing that I also like most is the exclusivity of the contents. I’ve seen a couple of porn sites but I didn’t notice that any of the videos here in Slutty Gaggers were in other sites as well.

Even if you try to search among the network sites, the videos are very much exclusive to Slutty Gaggers only. This is definitely a good reason not to miss this site. And speaking of network sites, I would say that Slutty Gaggers has a lot of interesting network sites that you can access if you’re a member. There are sites like Oriental Orgy if you are fond of group sex, Gay Hitchhiker if you are into homosexual adventures, Interracial Sexfest if you are into interracial sex and Circus Penis if you want to see some dick do some tricks. These sites pretty much differ from one another so you’ll have wider options to choose from if you want to take a break from Slutty Gaggers.

The site also does not fall short on the number of its contents. There are approximately 42 videos and 142 photo sets in the collection but this collection may grow anytime soon because the site updates frequently. Regardless if it’s a photo or a video, the site makes sure that it is the highest quality as possible. If you want to view these contents online, you may do so conveniently. If you want to save them for offline, there’s no problem about that too! The photos can be downloaded in zip files. This is a very convenient option since a photo set approximately contains 125 pictures each. The videos on the other hand can be downloaded using the site’s download manager, which can go as fast as 1.9MB per seconds. The downloaded videos can be MP4 or WMV and the highest resolution available is 1280×7720. The quality of the video is good and I am fairly satisfied with it.

Girls & Videos

The girls are a combination of everything. There are girls that have average body type while there are also some that are slimmer. While there are some girls that are blondes, there are also some that are brunettes. When it comes to the level of performance, some girls are semi-professional but some are already professional in the field. The age gap of these girls is also diverse. The videos are basically highlighting blowjobs and deep throating but sometimes there are scenes that end up in hardcore sex.

In most of the scenes, the girls swallow their partner’s cum. When it comes to the shooting style of the videos, I noticed that the most common is the POV style. This is where the girl’s partner is also the one who’s holding the camera and filming the girl from up close. Few of the girls that you can see from this site are: Ashley, a sexy blonde with perky tits. She loves to strip and gets into action immediately. Then, here’s a Latina chick named Maya who loves to suck a monster dick though you can already see her eyes water from gagging.


If you are desperate to find some good blowjob videos, I would recommend Slutty Gaggers. Never mind its minimalist and simple website, you’ll soon be able to find yourself enjoying the site’s main contents— and not to mention the variety of bonus sites that you can get from your membership. If you want some live action, the site also has a live cam where you can get a face to face encounter with your favourite slutty girls.

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