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If you are interested in fresh faced ladies, 18Flesh is the porn site for you. This is the sex haven for guys and gals like you who secretly feast on “fresh but not too innocent” honey; honeybuns who will make your manhood and your pie hole terribly excited every single time. Who does not want to see fresh girls soon to be porn stars sucking dicks, fingering herself, toying with her jack the rabbit together with her flat mate or pumping up and down with the mailman, plumber or IT guy, shivering with orgasmic pleasures, on a rock hard thick dick? 18Flesh is all about that. It is a porn site with up and coming sexy starlets who are bold enough to enjoy their sexuality and wants you to have the most thrilling online sexual encounter ever.

The 18Flesh stars are all fresh girls. The casting crew limits the age of their stars. They are not experienced porn stars who are famous in the industry but with the way they look and the way they move, they sure appear to know what they are doing. They are just being natural and that is what people want to see. These are women who are not afraid to play with their labia and clit adventurous and most daring on and most probably off the cam too. They want it kinky and hardcore “fresh but not too innocent” indeed. They are horny and eager to please; this is what the 18flesh site is all about. 2500 kbps of downloadable videos that are of DVD viewing and it also has a reality feed which the member can enter without having to pay for anything.

Design and features

The 18flesh website has a peach and pink background. The colors are very pleasing to the eyes and as expected, this gives off a positive feeling to the site visitor. It pushes the person to explore the site more since the colors are stimulating. The model on the page has a really nice and inviting smile. She is blonde too, and as you all know, blondes have all the fun. She even has a pink dildo inside her oozing pussy. This “fleshie” is nasty and you will like it. On the home page, you will see everything about 18Flesh. You will see a lot of pictures of beautiful honeys who are in action still pictures but riveting. There are a lot of different scenes being shown too, in picture form. A variety of sexual acts is what 18Flesh projects to its members.

Some sites are not user friendly but with 18Flesh, you will never have a problem navigating the website. Everything on the page has a heading, subheading or label. It will clearly show you the member log in box, the sign-up box and the individual full access her box for the delicious sweeties. All you have to do is click the up and down button on your laptop or pc or scroll up and down if on your mobile then tap on what you want to view. On top of the page, a high definition video is free for viewing, even for non-members. Will it get your dick hard? Will it stiffen your nipples? Will it give you goose bumps? What do you think? The answer is fuckin’ yes. There are daily updates too on what’s going on in the site.

Girls & Videos

The girls are absolutely breath-taking. Beautiful. Great bodies. Not too large boobs, not too big butts just right. Like any other normal ladies with a monster appetite for sex. 18Flesh showcases a short 1-minute video for the visitor to know what can be accessed in the site. Starlets touching themselves in all the right places are being flashed. You will see them rub their cunt. You will see them squeezing their boobies. One of them eats a giant lollipop and sucks it whole. There are some finger-lickin’ sweeties too. Guess where those fingers came from? Yes, from down there, wet and wild. That’s just the teaser video on the home page. This is for free, no payment whatsoever. Scrolling down some more, the starlets or the fleshies in Flesh18 are being introduced one by one.

There are about 7 hotbods being featured on the front page alone. These ladies are doing various sexy acts like sucking big dicks, caressing their ticklish body parts, feasting on their man’s cum, doing it doggie style, sideways with the leg up, and all the other Kama Sutra positions if you can see it for yourself, you will get the most vivid picture of how audacious these hunnies are. Take for instance their number 1 featured honey, Cloe. She has the “pippy long stockings” braid (strawberry blonde hair). She makes sure her man is 100% satisfied with her sucking abilities but because Cloe is so yummy, he had to give it to her the doggie way. Tight pussy Cloe, that she is and the tightness is very clear thanks to the HD quality.

Another hunnybunny of Flesh18 is Carole. She wants to be handled by her man. Fuck her in the mouth she loves it. She even wants you to come on her face. Fuck her from the behind, fuck her while she is on top or while you are on top; there is no mistaking, Carol is one newbie with a mission and that is to for your to control her. She lives for it. And how about Lexie? Two cocks are not enough? She wants an 11-inch rubber dick on her pussy while her man is licking her until the climax. After the dildo, she begs for her guy to stick it in her mouth and her vagina, deep. While he is inside, she needs to be rubbed on the clit. She never gets tired. Can you imagine that?


Flesh18 is a website for people who want new stars. This is a member only site wherein one can register for a month, two months or three months. Right now, they are offering a discount of 20%. The hunnies here are mostly shaved. Others have some hair, very little and their skin is so dewy and flawless. You will really see how juicylicious they are, no camera tricks. They are legit all the way.

The site is absolutely inviting. It is simple to navigate but sexually engaging, every inch of the website. Your eyes will widen in awe. No visitor will want to leave the page without signing up. You may want to try it out for yourself and taste how 18and19years old will give you so much delight.

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