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Friday, 14 October 2016 / Published in Erotic Sites
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The rapid and continuous evolution of video technology is nothing but breathtaking and incredibly fast-paced. The neck-breaking speed with which these kinds of technology keeps transforming have left many in the Stone Age with the dinosaurs, but has also helped transform the way we see and use great adult entertainment content. Gone are the days of recording on celluloid films, long gone are the days of the video cassette player; before our very eyes, the use of compact disks and DVDs fizzled out; then came Blu-Ray, and just a few years ago, HD videos were the norm. All of these have become obsolete and extinct in just a few years.

Enter the rise of 4k; the ultimate viewing experience ever developed by the human mind. This is the future of movie viewing, the true 3D experience that would blow your mind. And guess who is pioneering this technology in the porn world; no other than the tech-savvy 4kDesire. This site has completely changed our collective understanding of how to access, how to view, and how to enjoy great porn videos of the best quality. If you are not teaming up to enjoy the bliss of true 4k experience and join up to be a part of the revolution while the train is still at the station, you just might be left in another obsolete period groping with substandard videos as we have all around the internet today.

To think that people in this decade still fumble around the internet looking for tube videos recorded with such poor quality cameras is incomprehensible; in fact, it is impossible to understand why people still pay so much for DVDs that take forever to reach their email while they salivate and check the box every day with no package in sight when all they need to do is subscribe to 4kDesire and get instant sexual gratification from the best porn stars performing incredible fuck shows off the best standards. The eye-popping 60 FPS technology used to record these videos is state of the art and in a world of its own. This explains why Hollywood directors and the biggest movie studios in the world are all reinventing and moving to 4k production swiftly.

But long before they caught the bug, this amazing crew behind the 4kDesire site have seen the future and latched onto the brilliant and spectacular technology chic allows lightning fast streaming and download, and as well provides crystal clear pictures with multiple playback options. Truly, this is the future of adult entertainment, and you must congratulate yourself for finding out so soon on the dawn of this revolution. Subscribing to 4kDesire today means getting your hands on the latest technology almost for free.

That’s right; the cost of these gadgets, retraining a crew to handle them, getting the best brains and hands behind the editing console, and finding the perfect web administrators to embed these videos on the site are almost completely defrayed just so that the loyal customers with valid subscriptions can continue enjoying the very best of hardcore gonzo fucking viewed in exceptional 4k experience. No other site offers so much for so less; no other porn company cherishes its users as much as 4kDesire worships and loves its teeming subscribers. It is this respect and longing to provide stunning hardcore fuck videos to those who truly deserve them that has driven the managers of this wonderful site to continue improving the technology, matching modern day standards.

With the kinds of stuff you would see in these videos, never would you have any need for searching the internet for tube videos; and never would you have to wait endlessly for courier services to deliver DVDs to your email again. It’s a whole new world of infinite possibilities, all for the most affordable pricing ever conceived in the porn world. The breathtaking scenes you get to see in these videos come out in crisp and clear pictures that would give you the first-hand enjoyment of the moves, skills, stunts, and mesmerizing thumping all through.

The clarity of the pictures would enhance your enjoyment of the best pussy stretching sex acts, the most fascinating anal banging, and unprecedented blowjobs, amazing deep throat cock fucking, dazzling threesomes and gangbangs, as well as the most incredible dildo fucking scenes. Indeed, this is one site that accommodates all and sundry, that one place where all your kinky sexual fantasies are all satisfied in grand style.

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Design and features

The 4k technology allows for universal viewing and compatibility with all kinds of mobile devices including smartphones, tablets, 3D headgear, and the likes. This completely changes the way people use porn in urban areas. So far there is an internet-enabled device available in any part of the world, you can enjoy the very best of 4kDesire. All the videos on the site are in the incredible 4k 2160p format, the very highest standard of video technology ever attained by mankind. The immersive audio and HD-quality pictures put these videos head and shoulders above anything obtainable today. It’s simply breathtaking. Users are well secured on the site. No spam, no hackers, and no fraudsters. Welcome to the 21st century, again!

Girls & Videos

The crisp videos showcase only the finest and most adorable chicks of the best types ever seen. This site parades world class and top notch porn chicks and hunks with super talents and amazing creativity which put them in the top 1% of porn greats ever seen. The chicks are pretty talented and creative to a fault. They come in all colors and sizes, giving users some diversity to choose from.


Do the needful today, get on board 4kDesire and be glad you made the right choice to enjoy the greatest porn shows ever seen.

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