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Thursday, 31 December 2015 / Published in Porn DVDs
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In my experience in online porn entertainment reviews, I have never been tempted to write a review that looks a bit like a promotion. However, I was a little confused about what I should write and not look as if I was doing a promo about Adultempire. Well, I guess I figured out something, but let’s start with what caught my attention first. If you need anything common, unique or even outlandish in porn, you better start from Adultempire.

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Design and features

The site comes in red and white. It looks simple but you soon realize that that is simply a strategy to avoid overwhelming you; going by the amount of content and variety, Adultempire can hardly be referred to as a simple site. If there are carefully designed and thought out designs and layouts on the porn scene online, It must be given to this site; they have lived up to this repute. The site comes with a trailer to take you round a tour. There is also a drop-down menu that contains a detailed list of what the site has to offer. There is so much that if you decided to view everything on this site, you would probably view it for the whole of your entertainment life. The site comes with a whopping over 49 000 videos. Porn lovers need to make a little adjustment in their viewing habits.

There is no streaming on the site but there are plenty of DVDs to choose from. Well, before I forget, the real adjustment comes to your way of spending on a porn site. Ideally, the site requires users to only pay for what they have viewed. There is also the option to buy videos on a weekly or even daily basis. These plans decrease in price with longer timelines. My only set back is that the videos you are lured to subscribe to are not necessarily exclusive. The site is a typical DVD platform. Therefore, you should expect little in the form of captions of the scenes.

There are many screenshots of the scenes on their home page. There is no actual streaming on the site but rather information on how you can buy the DVDs. The site is optimized for mobile access too. Since it’s a DVD site, there aren’t live cam offers or bonus links. If anything, the sheer volume of content available on their DVDs is sufficient. There are no pics on this platform. The site is perfectly accessible via mobile phone.

Girls & Videos

The site features broad and wide categories. The movies come from different producers. There is sufficient content to keep all fetishes yearning for more. One of the elements I loved about it is the way the girls embrace the sex aids. There are many sex toys on the scene. The girls use the sex toys to stimulate themselves. In another scene, Amanda is screwed by a virile bull of a man.

She is lovable as she takes in the full size and weight of the giant dude. She is rammed as she produces sexy moaning sounds. There are hundreds of sexy and attractive girls to view. I loved how the girls take on each other. The format in these music storage items is MP4. There are many full length videos available for selection.


If you are looking for a great site with plenty of entertainment and variety, Adultempire is a great platform to try. It is obviously an admirable site with plenty of content to show. Their payment plans are unique.

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