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The AfricanFuckTour is a porn site where you can access a collection of diary-like porn videos of a guy who bangs hot Black chicks. And what’s the twist? Well, the site has actual African ladies that get fucked by a white male. They are not African-Americans, they live and love in Africa, and this guy always hooks up with hot girls when he is there. On the AfricanFuckTour a few dozen of hard videos are waiting for you, but as a member, you get way much more. However, if you are not exactly satisfied with the site’s collection, you should keep in mind that it’s real and exclusive.

The home-made feeling it has is sexy and makes it more interesting than you might have expected at first. Now, if you are wondering about the extras, rest assured, they are going to satisfy all your needs. These videos are not just any old flicks, but you gain access to a huge selection of hardcore action. Actually, it looks like there is no actual name for the network or mega-site you gain access to. What we can tell you about is that it has more than 50,000 scenes for you, part of it is exclusive, and another part of it is not. Never mind the exclusivity, you are going to love what you can find here, and we are certain that you can enjoy these flicks quite much.

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Design and features

The AfricanFuckTour has its own design, and it offers the visitors a fine tour. As for preview options, we found that the site has only a compilation trailer to view, but overall there is enough information to get a full picture about the nature of the content you can find inside. We recommend that you watch the clip, view some of the photos, and decide whether if it interests you or not. The members’ area is nicely designed, and it has all the important tool you need. Regarding the layout, you are going to find it that it’s simple and really easy to follow. On the very top of the page, you are going to see the sites’ list, next to it they placed the link to your favorites’ library. Under that area, there is the banner and the search field. The site’s own menu is located below, and it has links to all important areas, such as the live cams, the pictures or the models. Different sorting and filtering options are available too.

Though the videos are hand-made, they are in really good shape: a lot of HD scenes are available, so you will be able to enjoy here some truly fine porn. You can play the videos in the browser, but you also have the chance to enjoy the scenes after simply downloading them in the desired resolution. We are positive that the videos here will satisfy all your needs. It’s up to you which method you prefer.

Girls & Videos

The girls you can find in the hardcore videos of the AfricanFuckTour are all Nubian ladies, who have a natural body, and a truly natural color of skin. These Ebony mistresses are hot and they seem to be quite eager to get their fine pussy fucked by a white lad. You are going to find here some really hot pieces of women, and if you enjoy watching Black girls taking hard white cock on, then you are going to like this compilation. The site has an exclusive collection and there are different models in every video, so it’s a nicely varied compilation. Those who love amateur porn, and also prefer Black girls, will certainly come to the conclusion that this is a truly hot site, and they should check it out. We loved these ladies as they were totally real, not the fake semi-professionals that such sites usually give us. You are going to find here a lot of hot asses, great big boobs, and the girls even seem to have everything in its natural shape. The guy who is featured in the videos is handsome, but don’t worry, he is not the 9-inches type, he has a rather average cock, though he knows how to use it.

You are going to love the videos of the AfricanFuckTour, because they are really home-made looking. The guy captures the action, and the scenes all feature a picture in picture technology. One camera captures the action from a tripod, while a hand-camera gives you that fine PoV angle all of us appreciates so much. The action itself isn’t too hard, it’s vanilla hardcore sex. It’s really passionate though. We wouldn’t go that far to say that they might be I love, but there is a lot of kissing and caressing sometimes… However, on other occasions, it’s really a hands-on approached intercourse, where the girls are just getting on with it. Since the site has an overall interracial look, it’s considered heavy hardcore, even if the sex isn’t heavy. Those who are looking for something kinky may take a look at the site’s videos, as there are many occasions when the guy drills the girls’ butt too. The sex is protected, there is always condom on the guy’s cock, but in the end, everything goes to the girls’ body and face. You are going to see some fetish-like things in here too, as there is some ass-kissing, spanking and tit-jobs taking place.


The AfricanFuckTour is a white dove among the porn sites, as it has real hardcore porn videos, and the girls of the site are really hot. We enjoyed browsing the collection of this website, as the scenes are certainly interesting. If you enjoy interracial sex, and you like to view hardcore porn just as it is, then we are certain that the AfricanFuckTour is going to satisfy you, as it offers loads of additional content too.

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