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In an overview, AllAsians is a pornographic website which caters to adult men and women who prefer to watch Asian men and women doing what horny adults do best: fuck their brains out, to be blunt and honest. AllAsians has it all Asian women who love to have a cum facial, Asian women who are so horny that they want multiple vibrators while being fingered, Asian women with hairy pussies being penetrated not only in their pie hole but also in their back hole, Asian women with average titties on which Asian men jerk off, Asian women being gangbanged by men and women too, Asian women who squirt and many more kinky things about Asian women the possibilities are endless.

AllAsians will give you that freak kick and jumpstart the horniness factor in you while you watch. And speaking of a watch, you must be a member to enjoy the full-length videos and movies of AllAsians. If you are not a member yet, then, you must consider this. AllAsians is a website which will appeal to your senses. It will provide you a whip of what you are missing as a non-member. You can click on any of the pictures of the stars on the site and there will be a bit of a treat for you right there. They are very gracious but it is not enough. Full access will make it better, for you, that is. As a full access AllAsians member, what will you get?

You will get High Definition videos and pictures. This is for sure. The videos, photos, scenes and everything else is of high quality and high resolution only. There will be no blurred scenes or lagging problems. Yes, downloading is almost instant without any issues. It is exclusive since only members can view the full-length movies are more or less 30 minutes in length with a plot. You will not read about ads while watching vids which is so great! It is like your own private cable channel of AllAsians porn marathon. Will you have access to other sites? Yes. There are free sites (porn, of course) that come with your membership with AllAsians. Every single day, there will be an update. Every single day, there will be new videos or scenes or photos. You will have the right to use the live cam button. There is an AllAsians beauty behind that cam and you can “touch” her.

Design and features

When you get to the site, there is a reminders page first. Just click on YES, I AGREE before you can access the AllAsians site directly. The homepage is really nice. The page is organized really well. There are no distracting fonts or obtrusive marks on the page. From there, you can read where you want to go. The background of the website is a light orange shade. It does not come on too strong, just right. The font is in white with a dark backdrop. All the features are listed on the upper right side of the page. What are these features? If you decide to register with AllAsians, you will get unlimited access to porn videos with Asian women and men as stars.

The video downloads are endless and without limits too. You can download anything you want in the AllAsians site without interruptions. The site is pretty exclusive. Only members can join in for the full view which means that the network handling AllAsians need new material every now and then so as not to repeat movies. And since AllAsians belong to a network of porn sites handled by a professional company, there are other sites a member can access aside from AllAsians. Will there be a fee for that extra access? Absolutely not. It is for free only for AllAsians members. Now, just to tickle your mind. If you click the Video heading, what you will see is 24 pages with thumbnails of the videos in AllAsians.

That is about 30 videos per page in AllAsians alone. In total, 600 videos at least which are viewable instantly. If you click on a video, the page will then bring you to the model that stars in the vid. You will read about her personal stats like how old she is, her favorite color, her favorite flower, how she wants to be fucked, and her height, and weight and breast size. Below that, you will see the same model with all the other videos she is starring in.

Girls & Videos

The videos are in high definition as already mentioned. For now, there are about 600 videos that are new and current. As a member, you can view all of that at any time of the day and wherever you are. There are videos which last for 80 minutes. Some videos can be as short as 12 minutes. It really depends on the story. AllAsians movies are not just the wham-bam-thank you ma’am type of production. Each and every video in AllAsians is carefully thought of, produced and directed. There is no rush which means the film is a real movie and not just porn. But then again, the porn scenes are just electrifying. Who are the stars of AllAsians? Yuma Takizawa is an innocent looking Japanese gal who loves to masturbate and eat cock a lot. Ai Kurosowa is a reverse cowgirl type of honey who pleasures herself with clitoris vibrators. Lorita Jun is another favorite in AllAsians. She wants a threesome on most days and tickles her pussy as a past time.


AllAsians is a porn website wherein Asian women, mostly Japanese models, are being showcased. Many men and women from all over the world want variety. They want what they cannot have in reality so they tend to look for that fantasy sex online. If your fantasy sex is with Asian women (and men), then, AllAsians will give you all that. Your fantasy will be satisfied. Your body will be overwhelmed with orgasmic pleasure too. So, what are you waiting for? Type your details in the Sign-Up form and have unlimited AllAsians access starting right now. The site has been closed, check this top 10 asian porn sites list for other asian xxx videos.

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