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Monday, 12 March 2018 / Published in Asian Porn Sites
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It’s true that there will always be a huge fan following when it comes to Asian girls. But Vietnamese, Thai or Pilipino girls just don’t have the same allure as the Japanese chicks. Only those who have been following or watching Japanese porn for so long know why these girls are so sexy. All Japanese Pass is a top porn site paid where you find the best Nippon beauties. Japanese girls are loved for many reasons and one of them is their lithe bodies. When you get on the website, you will have a lot of sexy, slim bodied women to choose from. All Japanese Pass has chicks that are not shy to show off their hairy pussy and they know how to impress their men.

That’s why you see so many lovely girls doing their thing and not giving a damn about what anyone is going to think about them. Fresh chicks on All Japanese Pass are naturally beautiful. So, all those men out there who love their women natural and not very made up, you can bet girls on All Japanese Pass will make your dick hard. These women are not afraid to do a CosPlay or even give a rim job to their men. They are so good at what they do; men line up to fuck them. That’s why All Japanese Pass is such a great website and has so many people logging in and watching these lovely ladies do their thing.

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Design & Features

All Japanese Pass like all things Japanese is flawless. You will not only find lovely Asian girls, you can watch them in all their glory. They are not afraid to give their guys what they want and that comes across in the videos. The Design of the website is very hassle free with a white background. You have plenty of Japanese girls outdoors, in the bathroom, on the floor and many other places just trying to get men to put their cocks in them and make them cum. Asian girls are dedicated to their men and that’s exactly what you will see on All Japanese Pass. Are you turned on by the idea of girls who will do just about anything for their men? All Japanese Pass is where you ought to be.

With so much on offer, you will never be bored. Yes. All Japanese Pass gives you access to twenty websites for the price of just one. So, you will never be out of videos to watch. If you are one of those people who like watching their stuff on the go then you can do it here too. Just download the videos on your Ipad, Android or Iphone and enjoy the wonderful world of Japanese ladies. The videos are short and will easily fit in your busy schedule. And what’s more? You get to watch these lovely girls in High Definition. That’s one of the reasons this site is so popular. They have invested in nothing but the best features. What more would you like to do than watch hot Japanese pussy on a Saturday night!

Girls & Videos

Not enough can be said about Japanese girls. They are one of the most beautiful women in the world. And if you have a fetish for them, then All Japanese Pass is just for you. It is a pass to Japanese pussy. Who says Japanese girls do not have big boobs? That is a myth that will surely be busted once you are on All Japanese Pass. The girls in video snapshots are exposing their black, hairy pussy, showing off their lovely breasts and asking you to click on the video. It’s hard to escape their allure and the temptation to watch them. These girls are doing it on the bathroom floor, in the office and anywhere you can think of. They love to let their big boobs loose and that’s one of the reasons they look so appealing in the pictures. Housewife, Kimono, Office Lady are some of the tempting categories from which you can choose.

If you can’t watch videos or some reasons then you are always welcome to look through the pictures. But short videos are not the only thing available on the website. You can also find full length DVDs. These DVDs on All Japanese Pass will always keep you wanting for more after satisfying the initial hunger for Japanese pussy. Once you click on the “Models” tab, you will see in oil drenched models that look like angels. Yuna Akarino, Reuna Sasaki, Airi Mikami are some of the many models on All Japanese Pass that will make your cock erect. Some women are cum-drenched and others looking at you with some hope of getting nailed. These raven-haired beauties will leave you satisfied to the T and leave you asking for more. They are the quintessential Asian girls who put their man above all else. That’s why you will be easily charmed by them. There is no reason to check out All Japanese Pass. This is probably one of the best sites out there for men who like Asian pussy and Japanese pussy in particular.


If you have a thing for Japanese ladies then there is no reason to subscribe to All Japanese Pass and if you do not particularly like Japanese women then here is your chance to try them out. They are stunning. And if ladies are not enough to lure you into it then you should always consider how many freebies are coming with subscribing to this single site. Don’t like women with hair down there? No problem.

You can also find clean-shaven girls. Whether you like girls eating cum, exploding into a big orgasm or getting their pussies sucked, there is something for everyone and All Japanese Pass does not disappoint any type of subscriber or viewer. So, be sure to lap up the offer while you can. These Japanese ladies are waiting for you to watch them in action.

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