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Thursday, 31 March 2016 / Published in Asian Porn Sites
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Think about all the lovely Japanese girls that are out there, and some of them love filming and making porn videos. Well, I found a site with just the girls that I mentioned, and they are absolutely gorgeous, and can ride a cock in ways that you will find unimaginable, and very arousing, too. So head on over to Amateur AV and experience the Japanese girls in their favorite environment, one that has them masturbate and suck and ride cocks.

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Design and features

It is like simplicity itself made this site, as it is very nice on the eyes, even more so when you have in mind that the design is actually very stylish, and not just simple. Well, the page is white with pinkish shades and a lot of previews, and I mean a lot. There are so many of them, that it is easy to get lost in the first few moments of browsing the site, and even easier when you get to the actual videos and photos. They are in a members-only area and getting there requires a cheap fee. Such a fee is worth it, having in mind all the perks that you would get upon joining, and not to mention a very user friendly site with a lot of guidelines on how to use it. The site runs very smoothly and it has absolutely no lag on it. Not a trace of lag can be found on the site, even on the mobile versions of it, as it runs with absolutely wonderfully.

Girls & Videos

The optimization of the site is just one thing, but another comes in the form of the girls, which is the main reason for everyone coming to the site, I would guess. Their sweet, innocent looking faces, like they are barely of age can fool you, and can make you think that they are not that experienced. Yet, you would indeed be fooled, as once they start touching themselves, or a dick, their expressions completely change, and become much more experienced, in fact, so much that you can get to an orgasm instantly, just by seeing that change. But, they would proceed and do more, like ride cocks, have anal sex, suck the cocks off, too. Yeah, facials are a very common thing on this site, and so are creampies, the Japanese girls love them.

There is not a thing that they would not do, and they love it all, the sex, the sucking, the seduction games. With very well thought of stories, the site becomes even better, as you get to see the introduction to the sex, and not just the plain old fucking. There are many things to explore here, with over 700 models, over 5000 videos and over 79000 photos, the site is a gold mine for the porn lovers. New content is added daily, and that really becomes a very huge number. What is more, there are more perks, as you can stream and download the movies, as many as you like, in HD quality, too.


To summarize, this site has so much great porn, that it will make you stay for a lot longer than you might have expected at first glance. Add to that the great quality of the videos, the ability to download them and 16 more sites, and you get it all for a cheap price of one site.

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