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Monday, 06 March 2017 / Published in Amateur Porn Sites
Good amateur porn site for homemade xxx videos.


Amateur Dumb Fucks is one of the top HD amateur porn sites where you can get high-quality XXX porn videos that feature amateur porn stars. Amazing HD user submitted porn is available in the site, which you should be able to access and masturbate to when you want to have a more realistic touch to your adult enjoyment. Homemade porn videos are definitely the best!

Top amateur porn site with user-submitted content.

Design and features

I think one of the greatest fantasies of a guy is to take home a bubblehead chick in bed in just a snap of a finger. Easy sex, right? Despite that, you can also expect a great performance from them. Let’s face it! Majority will agree that even the dumbest chick still has the capability to please a guy in bed. Sometimes, their performance surprisingly exceeds your expectations. This is the reason why most guys prefer airheaded girls for a short thrill or a one-night stand. If you are wondering where on Earth you can find such easy peasy chicks, a site called “Amateur Dumb Fucks” got you covered.

Launched on May 2001, Amateur Dumb Fucks boasts on their dumb chicks who are great performers in bed. These chicks are probably the dumbest that you can see in your life. Why? Imagine how airheaded you can be when you would willingly accept a sex from a stranger in return for a few minutes of fame on the internet. Well, there’s nothing wrong about that if that’s what makes them happy. It’s actually a win-win situation for both parties, right? These horny dudes get the free sex that they wanted and these fame whore chicks get the attention that they seek. Amateur Dumb Fucks, from the name itself, belongs to the Amateur Girl niche. It also has a lot of hardcore sex so it definitely qualifies in the Hardcore sex department. Moreover, this site is part of the My All Access Pass, which is under the Lotsa Dollars Company.

What’s great about this site is that it has a good amount of amateur hardcore videos. Also, take note that these videos are not just short clips but they are available in full-length videos. Imagine how great would that be! It also has a rich collection of steamy and naughty pictures. So aside from the videos, you also have sweet treats in the photo gallery section of the site. Becoming a member to Amateur Dumb Fucks gives you access to 28 partner sites like Taco Pie, My Sex Life, Wack My Meat, and Cum Lovers. Aside from the network sites, members can also access bonus videos, live feeds, and personals. Speaking of membership, the site offers recurring and non-recurring fees for the monthly membership. On the other hand, there’s also a quarterly membership that you can avail too!

The website strongly represents the theme or concept of the site. It uses a lime green and black color scheme and plenty of erotic pictures of these dumb heads getting fucked by men. The header of the site screams for attention, which is also the reason why most of its viewers are really hooked in it. The pictures are already naughty enough to cause an arousal that will make you want to click the videos for more. The site has a good navigation too. It makes use of a simple menu bar, which is an effective strategy to keep their users hooked up with the site because it’s pretty straight forward and easy to use. The main menus are the tabs for the photo gallery section, the videos section and the network sites section. The photo gallery tab takes you to where you can feast on “still” images of these airheads with their blank expression and a huge cock inserted in their glory holes. The video tab takes you to the collection of videos in the site. Here you can find steamy descriptions or a short summary of the videos which will already make you wet even before watching the video itself.

The videos can be streamed through the embedded Flash Player of the site. It has a smooth playback, less buffer times and allows skipping through different sections of the video. If you want to keep some of these videos in your mobile devices or other gadgets, you can enjoy the unlimited download feature of the site. The download speed is at least 1.7 megabytes. The format of the downloaded file can be in MP4, WMV or FLV formats. There are already more than 150+ scenes in the video section of the site. The average length of these video is 19 minutes long.

The site also takes pride of its large pool of pictures. It has over 300 galleries now with 60 pictures in each sets. These set of pictures can be downloaded in zip files. Lastly, the site advertises its contents as 100 percent exclusive and so far, based on the videos that I’ve seen, the site has exclusive videos.

Girls & Videos

The site has more or less 150 models. Most of these models are white but there are also some that are ethnic. 150 models are already a bunch of models, right? However, despite their great number, Amateur Dumb Fucks still make sure that they have the best amateur models in town. Moving on, so I guess you already know that these models are all a bunch of amateur ones. Surprisingly, these amateur models don’t seem like newbies in this dirty job since it can be seen in their videos that they do know what they are doing. I guess these dumb chicks are not that dumb at all.

One of the most anticipated movie series in this site is the one with Uncle Jesse in it. In this movie series, you’ll see this old guy named Uncle Jesse getting pleased by different amateur whores. There’s a lot of blowjob and hardcore banging here so be prepared to bathe yourself with your own cum.


Amateur Dumb Fucks is an amateur porn site that definitely has place to go in the porn industry. They have a good amount of videos and photos and an impressive array of hot amateur girls. These amateur girls do know how to hide that vixen side of them behind their bubblehead mask. One of the reasons why you should check this site out is because it is part of a large network, which offers not just quality contents but also different types of niches. Amateur Dumb Fucks is also a good recommendation to those searching for new discoveries in the porn industry.

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