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Friday, 22 September 2017 / Published in Gay
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One of the amazingly sexy gay porn websites that top the list of websites in the gay fetish niche, Ambush Massage porn site comes from the genius of William Higgins. The videos that are taken for the sake of uploading to the Ambush Massage porn site are set in Czech Republic and feature European amateurs. The high quality video contents, as well as the photo contents that are uploaded to the site are definitely ones you would want to watch over and over.

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Design and features

In case your interest to the Ambush Massage porn site has been awakened, it is only natural that you check out what good things this site has to offer before you sign up for it. For example, you should check first what kind of website design and layout this site has. With that, you will see that the Ambush Massage has opted for the simple route when it comes to its web design. What this means is that only the required links are featured at the topmost corner and even the archive are properly sorted. Thumbnails are used to showcase the videos and a preview trailer can even be played when one clicks on these thumbnails.

These preview trailers are only a few seconds in length, just enough to tease you of what you can see in the scenes. Of course, you would only be able to play the whole gay porn scene if you have signed up for a full membership to the Ambush Massage porn website. The site already has a good number of pictures and videos to boast of. Most importantly, these porn content are all exclusive for Ambush Massage porn site. For example, the site already has more than 150 videos, which have an average runtime of five minutes. The size for these videos varies. Of course, the newer videos have a much better size and quality compared to the older ones. The videos are available both for streaming and download.

If you opt to stream, then you can do so through the site’s in-browser player and in its Flash format. If you opt to download, the videos are available in their MP4 format. Each of these videos has an accompanying photo set which consequently have about 100-300 photos in it. It is up to you whether you want to view these photos in the site’s slideshow or download them. If you opt to download, you can choose to download the entire photo set in a single zip file or just download your favorite photos individually. The entire Ambush Massage site is optimized for mobile use so you should be able to view the photos and watch the videos without feeling restricted by the screen of your device.

Girls & Videos

Many videos are already available here in the Ambush Massage porn website. Since this site is a gay fetish site, then expect that you will only find boys here. These boys are obviously Europeans, especially since they were recruited to perform in the sexy massage in Prague. In terms of the appearance of these male hunks, they are white-skinned, well-toned gods. Some of them have an athletic build while there are others who are on the slender side. When you take a peek down there, some of them have very bushy pubes while there are even those who are uncut.

There is one common theme that the videos available here in the said porn site follow. That would be the massage theme. The male models would come into a room with one massage table. They either wear only their underwear or they are totally butt naked. They lie on the bed while waiting for the masseur to do his thing. Being well-oiled makes the massage go smoother and it is also the prelude to the kind of massage that will turn the viewers on. As soon as the models are oiled well, the sexy time starts. The masseur will start pumping the client’s dick and rimming the asshole.

In some cases, the masseur will make use of various tools – mostly sex toys – to hit the prostate glands and bring the male models to peak. The masseur will only focus on the client’s lower part, especially on the butthole, to ensure that the client lets it all out. Once the client cums, then the massage ends in a happy note. Many male models are already featured here in this porn website. Some of the big male porn star names that you can look forward to include Ales Husar, Leo Roun, Vilda Molek, Kail Kopek, Charli Lomoz, Erik Drda, Alan Gerard, Mirek Belan, Ondrej Novak, Anton Sanek, Jura Marecek, Milan Manek, and Viktor Hugo.


Ever since way back in 2014, popular gay porn producer William Higgins has produced numerous high quality exclusive videos and photos that feature gay porn through the popular gay porn site Ambush Massage. The kind of gay porn that he produces is the kind that features European hunks getting it on with their masseur. Hardcore sex plays on top of the massage table? That’s just terrific!

You will see how fantastic these men are despite the fact that they are considered amateurs. Aside from the exclusive HD porn content and amazing scenes that are already available in the Ambush Massage porn website, the site also boasts of numerous bonus contents that are worth keeping an eye on. As soon as you get a membership to this porn website, there are many goodies that are waiting for you. It is definitely worth it to get a subscription to the Ambush Massage porn site.


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