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Wednesday, 18 January 2023 / Published in Porn Network
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Finally the internet has a compilation of the greatest ‘fake’ wannabe porn stars showcased on 6 different websites all connected to the same FakeHub Network. These ladies are hilarious, outlandish, crazy real, and most of all, sexy to death. They possess some fantastic bodies cool enough for the screen but very hot for the unsuspecting ‘clients’ they attend to.

What would you do if you find out that the lady doctor attending to your cock problem is actually a professional slut only waiting to bang you like hell; what would you do if you find out that the police officer who arrested you and is taking you away is actually going to fuck your brains out eventually? Hmm! Such are the situations innocent guys find themselves in when they come in contact with these fake agents, fake taxi drivers, fake police, fake doctors, etc. It’s the craziest of porn sites ever conceived and developed.

The sites are thrilling; the videos, just out of this world. You just need to see the surprises on the faces of those unsuspecting people of the public; getting hard fucked instead of other kinds of public services they were expecting. Getting laid on a hospital bed for a doctor to check his stomach upset but ending up getting a massive blowjob that leads to hot, sizzling cumshot; waiting for the estate agent to show him around the new house but getting some nice pussy fuck instead; or a cop who tricks his naïve ‘captor’ into one corner and fucks his brains out; such are the incredible stuff that these videos showcase; it’s just out of this world.

FakeHub videos are not just the run-off-the-mill stuff we see on internet tube videos, these are real, raw, spontaneous stuff; no rehearsals, no retakes, no director’s cuts, no scripts; just pure unexpected fucking of the best quality.

The hardcore scenes in these videos would make you go gaga; the sluts involved are so pretty, no unsuspecting guy can ever detect they are fake professionals as they claim; instead, they are expert cock suckers and massive dick fuckers dedicated to bringing smiles into the lives of men all over. At all the locations where these wonderful gonzo XXX sex actions take place, there are HD cameras strategically located to capture all the scenes from multiple angles; ensuring that you get the full gist of the story even while you jerk off watching gorgeous ladies dressed in professional uniforms engaging in hardcore sex.

And for the price of one single subscription you can get full and unrestricted access to all the 6 websites unhindered. It’s a great bargain for you to enjoy all the goodies these crazy fake porn stars have to offer. All these incredible and thrilling sex shows are nicely edited and packaged on this amazing site to give you unrestricted access to all the 6 FakeHub sites. The girls are irresistible; the movies, crisp and clear; and the surprises you find at the end, completely weird and off the hook.

Certainly, you cannot find so much fun and erotic porn mixed together anywhere else on the internet. It has taken FakeHub quite a number of years to develop this concept, find the right, prettiest, and sexiest models to showcase, get the best equipment together, and build the best porn network on the internet. All that effort is offered to you for next to nothing once you subscribe.

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Design and features

To make sure you stay refreshed and always with the best porn available, all 6 FakeHub websites can be accessed from the same welcome page. All the video still images, transformed into GIF animations, are not just there to wow you, they also serve as links to all the sites, just at the click of a button. Hence, you do not need to be searching about for the links as some others have it on their sites, causing confusion. Also, with just a click of a button, you can access all other parts of site conveniently.

Segments such as Categories, Videos, Girls, etc., are all listed right at the top and bottom of the welcome page for easy usage and navigation. The site has also been designed to easily play on all kinds of devices; PCs, tablets, smartphones, even 2.5G phones too. Added to that, you can use all manners of browsers to view this site without any hitches at all. Or otherwise, download as many hardcore thrilling videos as you may want for your own personal keep. FakeHub is designed for simple usage for everyone’s porn enjoyment.

Girls & Videos

The models featured on FakeHub are specially selected out of thousands who auditioned. What made them have an edge is their ability to seduce any man; their understanding of the male anatomy, how to get a man to get erect in seconds for onward hardcore fucking. These ladies have proven to be the very best porn stars in their category. They are pretty, daring, sexy, and very ambitious to get to the top of their profession.

These girls take in the largest of cocks into their mouth, suck them intensely, and make them release gallons of sweet cum. And that is just the beginning, their dexterity in taking in large cocks into their already tight assholes and pussies is just amazing, little wonder their fake identity is never suspected or detected. They are the top of the crop indeed.


FakeHub have finally proven to be the very best identity theft cock loving porn website in the world. The videos paraded here are just awesome, the girls are just great, and the technology driving the website is out of this world. You are lucky to be here. Now you can have access to as many as 6 different websites holding fantastic contents in large proportions for the price of one. You can watch and download as many videos as you want for keeps from all 6 websites at the price of just one subscription. Cool indeed!

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