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Thursday, 27 October 2016 / Published in Anal
Great anal porn site with hardcore anal stuff.


Surely, you must be one of those that have always desired the sight of fresh chicks getting their assholes thumped and widened with cocks and all sorts of dildos; definitely, you must have wondered what they go through, how they feel, and what they enjoy in the process. Don’t worry, you are not alone in this daydreaming and fantasy world. There are many anal fuck lovers like you who are equally curious and would give anything to see the asshole side of life.

It is for you and such people that AnalCheckup was created; for people that truly know the worth of quality porn when they see one; and for people that crave the allure of seeing stunning blondes and brunettes getting hard cocks and dildos in their assholes, all day, every day. The guys that run this site, and in extension, the checkup rooms, are masters in the art. They have perfected the science of checking up on tight assholes and certifying them if they pass their numerous tests.

This is the original home where all amateur chicks aiming for the big stage need to pass through and get their assholes checked and certified before moving on to hardcore porn stardom. This is where all other sites send their wannabe porn models to go for an anal checkup and official recognition; where those who pass rejoice and get a shot at the hall of fame, and that who fail to go home in disgrace. The standards these guys set on this site means every single lady that passes through the rigorous tests is a candidate for the best sex shows in the world. AnalCheckup is the pacesetter, the home of authentic anal fuck shows like never seen before.

This is also the ideal course for anal sex training, where professional sluts and bitches are made, and where husbands and boyfriends send their wives and girlfriends, respectively, to go learn the art of anal fucking so as to spice up their relationships. Seeing that so many chicks out there only think they know how to thrill a man with their assholes meanwhile they do not know jack, is the reason this show was set up, the reason the site was set up to further educate the world and bring to life the sexiness of anal fucking.

In any case, whether the ladies are there for endorsement or for training, they sure would get some intense anal checkup that is all-rounder and very rigorous. The tools and gadgets used to perform all these tests are world class and custom made for the site alone. Never would you find any of these devices elsewhere; they are exclusive to AnalCheckup and used only to make more outstanding anal fuckers out of hot chicks. Successfully graduating from the AnalCheckup means the lady has finally reached her potential in the art of using the asshole as a tool to make men scream, moan, and ejaculate wildly. The teachers are as good as the gadgets they use to train and inspect those assholes. No matter how tight, no matter how wide, they have the right device and toy that would fit in nicely, and as well the proper cock that fits the elasticity of the hole. Indeed, it’s a masterful site with guys that truly know their onions.

Starting with anal beads, these assholes are carefully inspected and measured to determine the next stage and device necessary. In any case, all the damsels that pass through this examination get erotic finger fucking, amazing dildo banging, awesome cock fucking, and intense thrusting with the most incredible precision. The cocks on display are so huge, so wide, and so long. These strong and solid dicks can tear down any hole no matter the tightness or toughness. The dudes give every single damsel a great time here, making them moan and scream as they penetrate them from behind and fuck them silly.

The doggy style sex position is further amplified here, making the chicks’ butts protrude out the more for onward penetration. Lying down on the back and raising the legs is another form of art applied to entering the hole and pounding endlessly. These are just some of the methods used to penetrate and fuck these chicks. Nevertheless, there are a dozen and one more style used as part of the curriculum.

Surely, anal banging has never been this beautifully captured and presented to the public; and surely also, never have we been opportune to see such dazzling beauties getting their assholes examined in tons of different videos of the highest quality. All this for a very affordable price that can be spread as flexible as possible. Whether blonde or brunette, whether senior high chick or fresh lady, whether working mom or hot MILF, you would find them in abundance on this site. They have all been assembled from the finest ladies that have passed through the magical checkup sessions the site offers.

Design and features

AnalCheckup is a complete package; it is that one site that has been deliberately designed to give users access to greatness without burning a hole in their pocket. Other than its affordability, users can also subscribe in the most flexible manner possible, weekly, monthly, or yearly. The site is secured with the most advanced and most sophisticated anti-spam software, making sure that users are protected from cybercriminals and identity thieves. All these wonderful features and bonuses can be enjoyed even on mobile devices including tablets and smartphones of all kinds.

Girls & Videos

The amazing beauties paraded for anal checkup are the best anyone can think about. They are cute, sexy, well built, and fascinating all round. With such boobs, cunts, and assholes, they remain the one set of damsels that all men would do anything to get a chance to fuck their assholes.


Everything has been provided for you to enjoy great anal sex on this site; all you need to do is to subscribe and join the fun today!

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