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Friday, 26 August 2016 / Published in Pornographic Stars
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Andi Love is a sweet girl with a lot of spunk. With spunk, I mean a little kick here and there. Andi Love channels her spunk through her own porn site called AndiLove, a name derived from her very own entitlement. While sweetness was aforementioned, I’d have you know that Andi does not take any crap lightly and her nature is as bold and unabashed as her ability to get naked in front of the camera is brazen. AndiLove is all about the daily musings and activities that this dark haired vixen goes through when the camera starts rolling. The site was launched around July 2009 and has been around since then.

It is managed by PowerNetX Services Limited and it focuses more on solo, amateur, and HD porn. Andi is someone who adorns herself with gritty tattoos that compliment her alabaster skin and dark hair. She has very soft curves that come along her gameness and resolution as an amateur porn actress. This cheeky, budding neophyte likes to share her playful, impish, and mischievous deeds and collection over high definition videos and hi-resolution photos. Also, this sensual dilettante will tickle your fancy as she teases you with her body, leaving you as horny as possible. She is, without a doubt, a riot to begin with – practically in all angles.

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Design and features

AndiLove is a porn site with a lot of potentials, but that’s where it falls off. Potential would mean that there is something else lacking and is not yet discovered. Before I jot down all the negatives this amateur porn site beholds though, I’m going to be discussing the positives. One, steering yourself around the site itself is considered very simple. You will find the links necessary in very obvious places like on top of the home page itself or right at the very bottom. The top links are those that are fundamental when you circle and dog around Andi’s videos, photos, and many others. The links on the bottom are more dedicated to customer support and their billing section. They also feature other links that are connected to the AndiLove webpage so I suggest you familiarize yourself with it for easy piloting. Next, we go to video quality. The video quality for the AndiLove website is satisfactory. Most videos presented are mostly in good quality and they are usually viewable in Flash streaming or downloading.

Streaming the videos available would give you 640 x 480pixel resolution or higher – but not higher than you think. Downloading the videos will either give you a 640 x 480pixel resolution or a 480 x 270pixel resolution. Videos will be in MP4 formats once downloaded. Speaking of which, you will have access to unlimited downloads which is a great feature in itself. Moving on, aside from the videos featured, you are also given entry to about twenty-six photo sets that contain sixty photos each. These photos are of great quality, even greater quality than the video itself, sadly. Also, you can download these photo galleries for free and in zip files. You won’t be missing a lot when you become a member. Andi’s videos are exclusive just as the site has advertised it having an exclusive content.

As soon as you get around the tools that will help you with navigating around, you’ll find that you can view the scenes by dates, ratings, and titles. The site is pretty much very easy to manage and it is pretty much effortless to get around. So then, we move on to the cons of the website. Firstly, as much as I want to give out an all-positive review for Andi and her website, it’s very obvious how the website itself is minute. As of the moment, the site has only forty-four videos and around twenty-six photo galleries. That, in itself, is a very minimal amount compared to a lot of other sites that promote individuality.

Then the website is rarely updating nowadays so there are no current additions to the videos; they are mostly just rotating the scenes so that’s a bummer. It is also a little pricey considering the amount of videos available as of the moment and the quality isn’t all that HD, like promised. If you’re in for the limited trial, I would not recommend it. The limited trial is strictly limited and you won’t have complete access to the entire website. Overall, the positives override the negatives by a narrow margin.

Girls & Videos

Andi is a very pretty model and she’s a bombshell in all angles. She has nice tits and a very tight pussy. Her curves are in the right place and in the right size. She will give you the time of your life as she teases and talks to you in the most seducing way possible. She likes to share her naked body to the public and shares her present experience. She also loves to ride her sybian, something that is really alluring and hot to watch. If her squeals and panting don’t make you hard as she rides that big monster, then I don’t know what will. Apart from that, she loves to masturbate in her bed and do the usual dirty talk that most men’s pants would fall for.


Take that out and you’ll be faced with a few number of videos with quality a little low over HD. The updates are practically snail-paced and some videos are being rotated and mistaken as an actual update of the site.

AndiLove is a little too pricey, too. Of course, it is also right for me to mention that even if AndiLove doesn’t give out much content, just being a member will give you access to plenty other sites that are partnered with AndiLove. That means more videos and more porn stars to ogle at.

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