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Andrew Blake was a fashion photographer before he started his pornography career. He is the director of his main website called Andrew Blake. In this site, not only is he directing porn but also showing his former artistic side which was fashion photography. The ladies are dressed by him and he directs even their makeup and everything that they wear.

Design and features

Andrew Blake website has been around for such a long time. By now the site should be having a huge collection of videos and photos. The site has an impressive collection so far but I think that they could do better than that. When I accessed the site the first time, it was a bit vague and not so organized. I am very impressed to access the new Andrew Blake site. The site is very organized and everything is placed in an orderly manner. The site is extra clean and there are no adverts or banners on the homepage or the member’s area page. This gives the site a plus compared to some other solo performers sites or directors sites. Most of them sell their space to other porn sites where they advertise themselves and even their collection. It is totally awesome when I click on a thumbnail and it leads me direct to the video instead of some totally different site or page. Hence I give Andrew Blake website a plus on that. The site is also mobile friendly and members and even the non-members can be able to access it using mobile devices. What is better than accessing good porn whenever you need it?

Girls & Videos

Andrew Blakes website has 735 plus videos at the moment. Each of the videos is a brief clip which only runs for around 8 minutes only. The porn industry is very competitive and I can swear that most people are after quantity rather than quality and that is where my problem comes in. I know a number of people would prefer if the site had full-length videos instead of these short clips. Also, another set back about this site is the fact that the clips cannot be downloaded. They can only be viewed online as short clips. The only format they can be accessed through is streaming them in an embedded flash browser.

Some of the people who browse porn do not have an adequate wife and they would prefer to download and save it in their computers for future use. The moment you stream the clips online means that each time you want to access them you have to go through the same process again and that can be so tiresome and annoying. The filming and the photography is a notch higher compared to some other sites. The photo sets are of high resolutions. They are also taken using high-quality cameras and they contain good lighting too. At the moment, the site has only 250 plus photo sets available each containing around 25 images each. They can only be able to be viewed online since the site has no download option.


Andrew Blake is an AVN award winner and he is also the only adult content director who has been able to be recognized outside the porn industry. The guy is very good at what he does. However, it could have been better if the page had little extra bonuses on top of what it is able to offer at the moment. The site has been deleted, check FantasyMassage for more erotic videos.

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