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Saturday, 01 February 2014 / Published in Gay
Best pay porn site with a huge collection of gay sex high quality videos.


Asian Boy Nation is an ambitious title for an ambitious site. The good news is, it lives up to the hype. Although you might think this site is about Asian’s only, it is actually a refreshing and deliciously steamy interracial site where guys from all around the world get it on with the most amazing Asian guys you have ever seen. As of the writing of this review, the site offered 116 exclusive videos, 199 amazing photo sets and 139 models that would give an erection to a dead man. Whether you are into Filipinos, Chinese, Hawaiians, Japanese, Koreans, Thai, Vietnamese or North-American naturalized Asians, you will know what paradise feels like when you join Asian Boy Nation. If you are into hot Latinos, Caucasians or Blacks having sex with great-looking Asians, you will be in 7th Heaven. As the site says, you will get your fill of Asian interracial gay sex which means the best of both worlds, right? Over the last seven years, this great site has built a reputation for offering great, quality videos (many with fun stories and good acting, which is always a plus for me) and guys who really do want to be in front of the camera, as you can tell from the bulge in their underwear… and out! Asian Boy Nation is a great East meets West site… or should I say West “meats” East?

Design & Features

Asian Boy Nation is a pretty straight-forward, easy to navigate site where you will automatically find everything you want and need. It’s very user-friendly three choice navigational bar can not be simpler. Click on VIDEOS, guess what you get? The chance to see over one hundred scenes (some, basically short films, others, parts of longer movies the site has conveniently split up into perfect-sized scenes) in which hot Asian guys meet up with hot guys from around the world. Click on ASIAN BOYS, and you will land on the first of three pages showing the pictures of all the Asian models on the site. Click on WESTERN BOYS, and you will get the first of three pages full of snapshots of the other guys who share the screen with their Asian partners. And there you go! You have made it around the site! As easy as that. That is not to say that the site isn’t great. On the contrary! You will not be disappointed with the quality of the pictures, of the videos and of the level of sex play you will get. One nice feature is that the videos are rated with a 5-star system by the site users. With the Member Favorites feature, you will have quick access to the most popular videos on the site but that doesn’t mean you won’t want to see it all because it is all super hot.

Guys & Videos

Speaking of great, your mouth will water and your cock will harden when you feast your eyes on the 100-plus videos this site has to offer as of right now. You will absolutely fall in love with gorgeous Asian guys like beautifully trim and cut Tristan Tran, body-building baby face Sham Ishi, sultry Scott Tsu, steamy sexy long-haired and nipple-pierced Sabu Vista, lanky twink Sam Foong, playful dreamboat Masato Isaka, gorgeous Keith Yamashita, muscular and hung Jason Lee, to name just of few. When you start checking out the Westerners who get busy with our Asian friends, you won’t be disappointed either. Check out the wide variety of guys like ebony god Drew Bacchae, dreamy Latino David Fargas, surfer dude type hunk Rommel Brixton, red head Matt Prasch, Joey McIntyre or super cut, eight-pack hunk Robert Pierce, among so many others. You won’t be able to keep your hands off your dick when you see hot porn star Mark Woods fuck Asian twink Christian from Seattle, Washington, who apparently wrote in to Asian Boy Nation to tell them that he wanted to be in porn videos for them. He is totally delicious and really into it. You will totally love the feature film “Dirty Dares” directed by Wun Hung Lo and Danny Zeeman in which interracial couple Eli Lewis (Asian) and David Lambert (Caucasian) get together with their friends Coda Filthy (Asian) and Santiago Figueroa (Latino) for a Frisbee match before heading home for a hot game of Truth or Dare. I dare you to keep your cock from blowing up like a balloon when you see gorgeous Santiago pump his bulging, gigantic pole into his friend Eli’s hot, tight ass after Eli has swabbed his pole expertly in a great blowjob and Santiago has rimmed Eli’s hole to get it ready for his great dick. You will love the missionary fuck with Eli sitting on the kitchen counter and never losing his cute little Asian erection through the whole experience. Yum! The foursome scene in the living room will also get you very excited as it did myself and you are also gonna enjoy all the excitement!


This site is so hot, there is just no way around it. Often, in Asian guy sites, there is a language and cultural barrier that can actually be a turn-on but can sometimes be a bit cumbersome. Also, there is all that stuff with the pixelizing of close-ups on fuck sequences or cum shots which can be very distracting and annoying. Not here. Asian Boy Nation offers high quality images with guys from all around the world talking through (mostly in English, some with really cute, sexy accents) some of the most amazing sex scenes you will have seen. I would not hesitate in recommending this site to any guy with a pulse, but even more if you are really into a variety of gay Asian guys who like to suck, fuck, rim and play with sex toys … just like their Western counterparts. So how about it? Want to dive into the sexy Asian pool this site is offering you? I know I am there already! The sirte doesn’t exist anymore, check Homo Blow for other gay porn videos.

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