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Monday, 05 September 2016 / Published in Gay
Best gay porn site for bareback sex videos.


If you like gay men doing it in backrooms, bars, toilets, and other raunchy places, and by it, I mean bareback fucking without the condoms and the sweet nothings, then I think you’re in the right place. BackRoomFuckers showcases a number of gay men who do the raunchiest of things in the most secluded of areas (or maybe not that secluded). These men enjoy getting fucked and fucking, or maybe even taking turns. Because condoms are out of the picture and the scenes are mostly in HD, you’ll see every nook and cranny that these twinks and jocks will provide you with.

The site itself is a haven for huge cocks and tight little assholes ready to take on a whole new level of kink. These men are not only masters of their craft but they are also masters of pleasuring their viewers and themselves. These men do the wild and the nasty at the same time and it’s just camera perfect. The setting is a bit on the reality kind of side so you’ll get a kick out of it. To add fuel to the fire, I would like to point out that these men are mostly clad in leather. Yes, you heard me right. Leather. If that’s not dark and sexy enough, I do not know what is. Aside from the straps of leather present, I’ll have you know that the sex here is rough and rowdy and you will be watching every bit of it in really high quality. The sharpness of the videos will compliment the entirety of it all. These gay porn stars will suck the life and the cum out of their partners and their viewers with their hardcore play and so much more.

Design and features

BackRoomFuckers is an all exclusive gay porn site that showcases and presents the hottest of gay men, wearing denim and leather. That’s quite the combination, I say. First and foremost, there is no trial version of the site so you’ll have to resort to registering as an actual member if you want to have access to the awesome features and videos BackRoomFuckers has. Then off to the videos, I’ll have you guys know that you will be able to stream the scenes using an embedded Flash player. It is also possible to view them in your mobile phones and tablets since BackRoomFuckers has a mobile version of their site. For streaming movies, you get a decent resolution but not at all great. For downloads though, it becomes a whole new story, as most of the latest videos they upload are in high definition. Downloaded videos come in mp4 (.mp4) formats and they pack a big punch, with a whopping 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution.

There are more than 70 videos at present and they come with their own photo sets that contain around 50 photos each tops. There are also screen caps to be found from each scene and they are rather in good quality. Photo sets can either be downloaded as zip files or merely viewed online in a slideshow. Along with your membership comes extra bonus sites that will fill you up even more with intense gay sex. Your membership will entitle you access to ten other sites under the same network. These sites are also in great quality so you don’t have to worry about any of that. Apart from that, the navigation is pretty simple once you get the hang of it. It may come as a surprise at first since there are a number of non-standalone porn sites but if you get past that issue and find your way around easily, you’ll be good to go.

Boys & Videos

The men of BackRoomFuckers are hunky and meaty. They will have any gay men (or women, sometimes) lust for them at any given time. They have huge cocks with a lot of load to splash around. Don’t be mistaken though because despite the humungous cock and guns they pack, some of these men are complete sluts and giveaways when it comes to sex. They love it when they’re being penetrated from behind, sometimes with different cocks at the same time. You’ll also be surprised that these twinks and hunks love to do orgies and threesomes, it’s a rather fun bunch. Let’s not forget about their amazing looking blow jobs and hand jobs, because they’re really good at it. They make some other porn sites look like chicken feed. For the most part, you’ll love how the guys in here differ from each other when it comes to physical attractiveness, nevertheless, they are sights to behold. If you want your men hairy, check. If you want them muscular, check. If you want them just a little lean, check. The possibilities are endless and you’ll be gaping soon after.


BackRoomFuckers is something that will catch your attention. It is completely lit and is filled with exclusive and intense bareback fucking. You’ll love how the video qualities are really nice, like I did. There are a lot of photos to see and although the video count is a bit lesser than the photo sets, it’s still worth it. Navigation is a little tricky since being a member, you’ll be pushed through the mega site right away and not the individual sites. You’ll have to browse from there and since there is a lot of content, it took me some time to find what I wanted. On a plus note, since there is more content, there is more you could be watching. The bonus sites they’ve added to your membership is pretty good and it’s definitely worth every penny.

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