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Sunday, 12 February 2017 / Published in Gonzo
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The Back to the Future movie franchise have successfully predicted some very accurate technologies ahead of its time such as self-lacing shoes, flaying hover boards, even holographic Tupac showed up for a concert! But I am quite sure they predicted one more invention that was not revealed to the public due to the how rated R the invention is, and that is VR Porn. Virtual Reality Porn or VR Porn for short is a somewhat new invention that allows a display or showing of pornography giving it the appearance of being real.

BaDoink VR is one of the few virtual reality adult video website to produce such videos. BaDoink has been in the business as early as May 2016 and they have already produced a number of memorable movies that is bound to poke a hole in our jeans. It does sound like an invention too early to be around this present time, but we tend to forget we are now living in the 21st century. As for Marty McFly, I’m sure we can forgive him for keeping this technology for his own. After all, if I was in his self-lacing shoes, I think it is too good to be shared to my friends rather hastily.

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Design and features

The design of the website is rather simple and straight to the point, which is good because we are not really here to see the lay out of the website. Right off the bat, BaDoink VR supports the following VR hardware devices: Oculus Rift, Gear VR, HTC vive, Google Cardboard and Play Station VR. If you do not have the above mentioned devices, it may be a little difficult to enjoy the shows. For example, if you have an android smart phone, but do not have those fancy VR goggles, then the Google Cardboard allows you to build a pre-cut cardboard to act as their plastic counterparts.

BaDoink VR even offers these cardboard Goggles to members who sign up whether you already have this or not. Keep in mind that this is made of cardboard and they deteriorate faster than their plastic counterparts. But there is no need to worry if you have the actual devices, in fact, the only thing you need to worry about is the devices over heating from all the hot VR porn you will be watching for hours.

Girls & Videos

While several of the names mentioned are not the top names in the porn industry, there are a few names to take notice. Names such as Riley Reid, August Ames, even the new hottie on the block Blake Eden has come to play. These lovely ladies along with their male performers would bounce, moan and move as if you were actually there with them. If you want something a little more personal and intimate then the POV Porn might be for you. POV stands for Point Of View, which will allow you to see the entire movie in your point of view. You could even come across videos where a voluptuous woman would twerk her round booty up and down your dick. To me, this is one level higher than the usual adult video porn sites out there and I must say the view is quite sweet.

One in particular I liked was this video titled “Surround Pound with Christen and Julia”. It was a video starring two notable porn starlets Christen Courtney and Julia De Lucia, in nearly 20 minutes of pure POV pleasure. These two best friends were competing on who gets to suck your dick longer and who gets to ride it. You will see a lovely view of their asses bouncing up and down on your cock, moaning with pleasure and the other girl was practically pushing her way in to get her turn. I nearly fainted from blowing my load all in one video and I had to take a breather before I dove back into the videos I have not yet seen. As of writing this, there are currently 92 videos available for download and viewing.

Just make sure you are alone when you do this because your eyes may be busy gawking at this virtual goddess, but if you are like me who forgets to close the window, then your neighbor will definitely see you! Majority of these videos were meant to be taken in 360 degrees, which means no matter where you look, you will see something such as the surrounding room, the possible places when you can see them fucking or simply admire how lovely she will look with her legs splayed open for you to take. On the same note, since these shots were taken with a high quality 360 degree view camera, it is without fail producing high quality and high definition videos for your pleasure. That is one of the few but biggest point when it comes to adult videos, because why bother watching it in low resolution and not see any of the action? Even the videos boast to at least being one giga byte in size so make sure there is plenty of room in your phone or console memory to do so!


I would have to admit this technology is very new, but with the way it is presenting and how it is performing, I can say it is quite promising. There is a hardware issue where if you do not have the items required to view these movies, then it may be slightly difficult. I have my own Play Station VR, so it is no problem on my end, but for the member who do not have consoles like the Play Station VR, there are other options. As I mentioned above, even your smart phone and a simple pre-cut cardboard goggles from Google is good enough, but if you sweat a lot like me then the cardboard might get soggy from all your bodily fluids. But other than that, I would very much recommend this to anyone who would want front row seats to the best show your phone can do.

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