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Monday, 11 January 2016 / Published in Anal
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Everyone was once puerile, and everyone will go through that very phase. When we were puerile, everything was new to us. We felt like we were mature but in reality, we were still very immature. We felt like we already knew everything but as a matter of fact, we actually knew nothing. We were very impressionable. Impressionable in the sense that we imitated whatever was on the television or in the movies. If an actor or actress was wearing a new hat or boots or clothes, then we would also have liked to look like them. Peer pressure was also a very serious thing during our puerile stage. If our friends were doing it, then chances are we will also do it just to be able to fit into the crowd. During puerile stage was also a time for self-discovery.

This was the period of time which we spent figuring out who we wanted to be when we became adults. We had this sense of wonder and curiosity that was never satisfied. And as you explore the videos in BangMyTeenAss, you will be able to see first-hand puerile experimentation at its finest! Watch as those puerile put a stick of meat up their butthole because normal sex just won’t cut it anymore. Those puerile girls offer their assholes to a very big cock in order to be pulverized as it gets pounded over and over again. It makes you wonder, isn’t anal sex for the seasoned perverts? Well not anymore! A number of factors could have driven those puerile into engaging in anal sex. It could be because of peer pressure, or they could have simply wanted to imitate someone, or they simply wanted to explore and experiment with their bodies and their sexuality. No matter what the reason, those puerile make anal sex look good!

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Design and features

In the website, things are pretty simple. Everything is right there on the homepage. You will be able to see a list of all the hardcore anal videos right immediately as you enter the website. No more navigating or scrolling needed. And after finishing one video, you just go back to the home page and you click on another one. In BangMyTeenAss, they make things simple yet neat at the same time.

Girls & Videos

In BangMyTeenAss, they feature girls that you might think are gullible and innocent, but in reality, they are actually cum sluts which want a dick inside their smelly holes. Those girls want a romantic start. They want a kiss on the lips, on their ears, and especially on their neck. This slow and light kissing will make them hotter and hornier by the second. And when the heat reaches a certain point, what those girls want next is a hand traveling from her shoulders to her hips, and then to her legs. After that, they will want a strong pithy grab on their boobs. And as you cup a feel of those boobs, you will be able to say that those boobs are so soft that they feel just like a marshmallow.

As your groping of their boobs intensifies, you will be able to feel their nipples go hard, really hard. That means that those girls want a mouth sucking on their boobs and teeth biting against their nipples immediately. And as you bite and fondle and pinch both nipples, what those girls want next is a good finger fuck. As you put your hands inside their panties, you will notice that those panties are already drenched with pussy juice. Your instinct tells you that they must want it really badly, and they do want it, really bad. Those girls will then turn their back towards you. And as you gaze at their round and white asses, your already hard cock will become even harder.

Those girls will then use their hands to pull apart their butt cheeks so you will be able to see their pink asshole. An asshole so minuscule that you will want to destroy it using your raging boner. And that is what those girls want, they want their assholes destroyed by a humongous cock. They want a hard pounding in their rear end and they want it now. The starting point may have been slow and innocent, but they want a finish that is hard and rough. And as you fuck their tight ass, you will reach a point where you just can’t take it anymore. You will feel the need to let out your man sap after some intense fucking on that delicious asshole. And those slutty girls will want a thick load of white cream inside their rectum and on their buttcheeks. Just squirt it anywhere and everywhere.

They just love it. And as you look at their assholes once again, what was once pink and minuscule has now become a big black gaping hole. All of those intense scenes, you will be able to watch in full high definition quality. They also don’t just show video clips which last thirty minutes, but they will give you full-length movies of anal destruction which will last for up to one hour! They also have so many videos of puerile getting fucked from behind that you will cum again and again consecutively! In BangMyTeenAss, not only do they have quality, but they definitely have quantity as well.


Did you think that anal sex was just for seasoned veterans? Well, think again! A number of factors could lead to their interest in the art. It could be peer pressure, or they may want to imitate someone they idolize, or they just simply want to explore their bodies and experiment with their pleasure holes and rods. Whatever the reason may be, the puerile girls in BangMyTeenAss will willingly and readily give up their anal virginity so that you, the viewers, can have a fucking good time.

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