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Porn Industry had evolved in a vast scale over the years, from simple videos, to movies to live shows. It might seem a little bit too overwhelming at times that people like us should deserve some time to sit back and relax every once in a while. Well, why not try out this website called ‘BDSMcafe’. This website really deserves a good chair to sit in because it specializes in Porn that is written on paper. BDSMcafe gives its audiences Dom Sub types of fictions, stories, short stories, novels poetry and even a little bit of movies here and there. It even has a whole variety of backstories and themes written by authors around the world. If you loved Fifty Shades of Grey, then this would just be the best place for you. You’ll be reading countless of stories for free in this website, and believe it or not, it is also a great place to publish our works. If the readers love your works, you’ll even receive tweets or likes in your fb or twitter account. This site also features some graphic novels and works of arts. If you’re an avid reader and a porn lover at the same time, there’s no better place for you than BDSMcafe, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet, there’s still a lot we need to know about this site. So try and sit back, relaxed and take a moment to read stuff about this site.

Design and features

In the BDSMcafe’s website, you’ll see in the homepage a couple of its latest stories that’s being featured as slideshows. I know it might seem kind of frustrating at first because you might have the urge to actually see these novels as videos, but we’ll get to that later. The site is schemed with black and white. A very classic color, never fades its attractive motif. If you scroll down for a bit, you’ll see a couple of popular stories that’s been published by this site. These stories have been having a high rating by the readers so I’m sure you’ll love to read some of it, or you could try finding your own jewel in its huge pile of collections. Over the years, this site has also improved, considering the fact that this site has been around since 1997. BDSMcafe has developed a unique display for all types of devices, from computers to smartphones, it’ll be a unique experience for each one, but the content will remain all the same. I took a short tour in the resources tab, and I saw there a lot of activities, essays and even contracts for willing-to-be writers for this site. I would also like to point out the safety page where, if you’re willing to try out some of their stunts from the novels, there’s a safety tab that teaches you the safe way to do it, at your own risk of course, it kinda draws the line between BDSM and total torment for that matter. In the short stories tab, you’ll also find a vast array of short stories. These stories are very interesting, especially if you’re not into reading long stories, these short stories should do you just fine. In the novels tab, you’ll see there the featured novels that has received awards from the site. The writers have also been given award titles for making such amazing content for the site. I read a couple of these novels, and it had me glued for weeks. Next there’s the poetry tab, really great for display in our house or car hangings. My personal favorite is the Fantasies page. Here they feature a whole bucket of their best short stories, and some may even include a couple of supernatural here and there but still interesting all together. I like how some short stories also have some part one and part two. Lastly, the one you’ve been waiting for is the movies tab. In this page, you’ll be seeing your favorite novels, short stories, or fantasies come to life and being produced as a full movie. They just recently added this feature because the fans had been requesting it for years now. You’re lucky you’re one with the latter. I love how they produced the movies because they spared no budget in making it great and authentic. The actors are also good. Let me not forget to mention, the BDSM Media Kit. Here they teach you tutorials on how to do safe BDSM style sex and even give you some equipment. You’ll also get a chance to get close and personal with some of the writers as well. I really appreciate how concerned the site is with their reader’s safety. I’ve not heard of any site doing this much for their readers. Really speaks a lot about the producers and writers.

Girls & Videos

The actors in the movies are not that well-known in the porn world. Which means you’ll be seeing a lot of new faces in their movies. That’s actually good news because seeing a new face in the videos is quite refreshing. However, even though their new, doesn’t mean they’re not good and savvy in front of the camera. I’ve seen their movies and they really deliver good acting and sexual intimate skills. Especially in the Dom Sub scenes where they portray a mixture of feelings and torment in the scenes. The expressions in the female actor’s faces are just priceless.


BDSMcafe is a good step back from the hardcore porn world. It gives a sense of meaning and direction to where you’re headed as a sex enthusiast. I would really recommend this to people who are readers or porn video lovers from all over. This site expounds on things you might not even have noticed in your sexual life.

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