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Saturday, 12 July 2014 / Published in Gay
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Make porn viewing easier and enjoyable and go to Breedmeraw. Just by visiting the home page, a wide selection of hot gorgeous faces would accompany you and give you a massive throbbing boner. They feature only the best models that are dedicated to please and satisfy every viewer. You’ll see how each model shows up and proves they’re the best in the industry, with professional new and old faces that will definitely create one hell of a show.

Design and features

Upon opening the website only four main tabs are shown, namely: videos, models, login and join, and this is honestly all the things you’ll be needing for easy exploration of the website, it gives fast and direct routings that fit and maximizes every page with interesting subtabs and selections that’ll get you where you want to go in a flash. The home page would definitely entice you because it displays a neat placement of recommended and latest videos, with steamy hot scenes that once you click, it would route you none other than its direct video. The website gives you a fast and easy way for anyone who wants to join and subscribe with direct and secured account creation and payment methods, you’re going to be confident that all transactions you do are safe and reliable, it’s just a few clicks and you’ll be watching all those exclusive videos plus bonuses in no time. No need to worry about ads bugging and redirecting you to different pages all the time since the site gives you none of that and just wants you to have a stress-free and enjoyable browsing experience.

BMR only shows full video scenes to subscribed members but offers free previews to prospects visiting the site that want to have a good look of it first before subscribing. Even members enjoy the previews, this gives them a glimpse of what the scene covers before deciding to download or stream the whole video content. The model tab definitely is the place to be once you’re in, the website showcases their porn stars hottest face and body poses that will definitely be hard for you to choose who you’re gonna click first, you also can browse models by name with their A-Z index for those who remembered their favorite model names.

Men & Videos

Top rated and viewed stars are seen here like Zac Hood, you’ll never forget his pretty little face once you see him make a performance that’ll knock your hard dick off. A video features him as a bottom, where his slightly shaven ass gets fully rimmed up ready for deep pounding. See his dick gets swollen and flushed with a tightly strapped rubber band ring for maximum pleasure. You’ll never forget his deep growl and breathing as he enjoys that big white cock inside his muscularly slim tanned body and just wait and see how his hard uncut dick explodes, with hot white semen, releasing all tensions and lust.

If you’re looking for blonde top twinks then look no further since they’ve got that covered for you too. Presenting Billy drake, watch him as he gets his hard nine inch uncut dick gets sucked up dry. This hunged up twink likes nothing more than a tight hole he could shove his dick into, you’ll surely love it when you see him have sex one on one with zack black, an obedient cute twink that just loves to suck and be fucked in his white smooth ass. Witness for yourself how the video would end up or how you’ll see their semen fly in the air as they both finish and revel in contentment. These two would make you come in no time and would have you hunting and viewing every video they’re featured into.

There are lots of things to look out for, from their line of categorical offering of hot muscularly fit guys, slim cute twinks, well-known models, different use of sex toys to solo acts, exploding comes, bare backing and many more, they’ve practically covered every possible gay sex acts that you could think of. Also, see different sex positions and classic acts, performed better and hotter with their stars, it would look all new and fresh to your viewing once you see it in their website. There are more than 200 videos that feature these gorgeously hot faces that new members can stream in clear high definition, although some of their past videos also have great quality standards even if they’re not HD. There also lots to look out for even videos, the site adds about 4 to 5 new videos every month. If you’re interested in seeing pictures first, they are offering a 247 photo gallery collection that would keep you busy for hours of viewing.


This definitely is the site to be for anyone who has been a solid fan of gay hardcore sex performed by top rated models with athletically built bodies. Don’t finish reading this article and just go to the website already and be a member, I can hear your boner asking for it now. There’s a lot of perks and privileges for members besides seeing full scenes so don’t be content by just seeing their previews, that’s nothing compared to the full ones. BMR definitely has been in the spotlight when you search for gay porn sites for year now, and it’s obvious why but in comparing it back then, few years ago, they definitely raised their bar. They are surely dedicated in improving and making their offering better for their members and viewers as can be seen now with its updates, deals and perks for members.

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