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Monday, 23 November 2015 / Published in Fetish
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BrutalCBT is a BDSM adult website that features photos and videos of cock and ball torment. For a reasonable monthly fee, you can access the videos and images uploaded here with no restrictions.

Design and Features

The site is quite plain, but everything on it is fairly easy to find. There is no search function like you would find in other sites. However, a search function is not absolutely necessary as you can either browse through the collection or choose from the main menu the page you want to go to. The photos are listed in the form of links. There are over 80 photos sets. Each set has more than 100 photos.

The photos are of average quality, but they are clear and most of them were taken at an angle that brings out the best of all scenes. There are 270 videos, which is a fair amount of video for a site that is as niche specific as BrutalCBT. The videos are in three main formats WMV, 3GP and MP4. 3GP videos are often of low quality, but are suitable for mobile devices, where higher resolution does not make a big difference. If you want the higher quality videos, you can find them in 12000 kb/s, 640 by 480 MP4 or WMV format.

Girls and Videos

Most videos feature dominatrix models, who enjoy tormenting submissive males. The dominatrixes are often sexy, confident and bold models, who are suited for that role. Many of them are white females, but there are always videos, with black mistresses and dominant Asian females taking part in different acts. The mistresses are usually dressed for the part, with some wearing high heels and stocking and others with latex costumes. The submissive male is often nude and tormented in different locations.

These locations may be in his bedroom, or in a specially designed loft, where the dominatrix suspends him in the air or ties him up in chains. Most of the times, the mistress is working alone to assail the poor submissive male. At other times, she teams up with another dominatrix to make sure they overwhelm the man with their acts of dominance. Torment may be done using cigarettes, candle wax, hair clips, clothespins and many other things that the dominatrix will sometimes improvise.

Torment may also include other aspects of femdom. For example, the dominatrix may perform facesitting, while assaulting the man’s cock and balls. It could also involve pegging and the use of strap-ons. Even though different aspects of femdom are there in each video, all videos definitely have cock and balls torment. At the moment, there are close to 300 videos on the website. Most of the videos are of a short to average movie. The videos are usually between 15 to 30 minutes long. The quality of the movies varies, with the older movies being of lowest quality. The site gives you options to watch online or download to your PC.

You can download the videos in three different video formats; WMV, MP4 and 3GP. There are no DRM restrictions and you can download as many videos as you can. The download speeds are fairly fast.


BrutalCBT delivers on what it promises in terms of content. There are a good number of videos that can quench a fan’s thirst for CBT torment movies and videos. The website membership also gives you access to 25 other sites with related content. The site has delivered in quality and quantity of content and therefore gets a 9/10 rating.

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