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Monday, 28 December 2015 / Published in Pornographic Stars
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The BSkow is an adult site, which is dedicated to the award-winner director, B. Skow. On this site, you can find most of his works, but as far as it can be detected they are all produced by the B. Skow for Girlfriends studio, so the movies directed by him for other companies are not available here. However, this compilation is huge, and the girls are not just hot, but they are all pretty popular pornstars. Every video here is scripted, and they are professionally made. B. Skow has an interesting approach for porn, and all of his videos cover different fantasies, including some of the darker ones. The site even refers to some videos as pornographic thrillers, so watching them isn’t just for jerking, but also for real entertainment. The site isn’t a too old one and you can see that on the design; but most importantly on the quality of the videos. Being studio-shot is one way to ascertain good lighting and clear picture, but nowadays the resolution is one of the most important elements of a porn video. Luckily, the BSkow’s videos stand the trial of quality too. A new video is added every week, and since the scenes come from DVDs it might take while until a full DVDs content, the whole story is available. Naturally, there are also picture galleries added, so you can find yourself a good wallpaper for example. The movies on the BSkow are all exclusive, you can’t find them on other sites. These scenes always add up to a DVD or being parts of a series, but you won’t be able to watch them anyplace else.

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Design & Features

A professional website welcomes you when you land on the home page of the BSkow. Here you can take a quick tour, though most links you can find here will take you to the joining page. The main feature of the free tour is that it grants you access to three trailers. Choose carefully and get a peek into videos that really interest you. When you enter into the members’ zone, you will see that it’s a pretty good looking and nicely built page. An embedded Flash player is there to provide you with online playing option; this player accesses an MP4 video stream. You can set up the quality for better performance. The best quality is reachable if you download the scenes: 1080p Full-HD files are available. The photo galleries aren’t too large, there are circa 50 pictures in them. There are high-res photos in these galleries, and you can view them in the browser, or save one by one – zip downloads are not featured.

Girls & Videos

These girls are not newbies in the industry. Most of them are professionals, and since the BSkow features really have, and sometimes taboo topics, the models are usually come from the nastiest types. As you will find it too, they are porn stars, and there is no chance that an amateur could have a place here; naturally, not just the girls, but the guys are also professionals. You can find here all ethnicities which are popular in the porn industry. There are Ebony, Latina and Asian cuties, so a great variety of appearances are granted, and this fact also ensures that you will find here lots of interracial porn videos. For example, there is a threesome scene, where a Caucasian guy fucks an Asian and a Black girl, so it’s a really juicy mix. Some girls are really wild, and if you like to watch tattooed cunts, you are at the right place. Probably the most gorgeous wildling of the site is Bonnie Rotten, who isn’t just rotten in her name, but what she does in the videos is very nasty. You can see that her whole body is tattooed, and no matter where you are, you can recognize her spider-web breast-tattoo. As far as the videos are concerned, you should get ready for the darkest, yet most exciting porn videos you may find online. Naturally, these topics are not new, but the actual products here are something different. First, you shall notice that these are scripted videos, and thus they are inevitably staged. In case you have a fantasy, be sure to check the description, it might just be covered in a flick. These are fantasy porn videos, and they cover some very nasty thoughts and imaginations. Probably the most popular and exciting fantasies are in the videos, which feature family role playing, like the Daddy’s Girls. There are also videos which features fantasies, like seducing moms, stepmoms or couples abducting girls to be their sex slave. All movie of the BSkow is masterfully made. The BSkow for Girlfriends is the studio behind them, and you will certainly appreciate the great quality and the hardcore sex. These videos show how porn looks like if there effort in it, and thus you will have a very good time here. Fortunately, the site is updated regularly, so a new flick arrive every week. It’s also worth to mention that there are some pretty long videos here.


Some solo or dedicated sites are not too solid, but as you can see the BSkow is one of those sites that focus on one director’s/studio’s work, yet still offer new videos on a weekly basis. These videos are really dark, and if you are looking for something unique, you have found a source for hardcore porn, which has something one-of-a-kind in its videos. B. Skow is an award-winning director and his psychologically built porn-thrillers are known and appreciated industry-wide. In case you like a bit of taboo and kink in your porn, joining the BSkow might be a very good choice.

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