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Saturday, 01 February 2014 / Published in Other
Nice porn pay site for live sex shows.


I have watched porn for a long time and seeing all the sites that I have, I came to a conclusion that they have been getting rather clunky lately. Their quality has been dropping, to the point where it is long past uninteresting. But, scrolling around, I was able to find a site that brought me nothing but pleasure. The name of this site is Camarella Cams, and it is, as you might have expected, dedicated to Camarella, a hot girl who is not afraid to do kinky things in front of her camera.

Design and features

What makes this site stand out in front of all the others, besides Camarella, is the fact that it has such a good design. Right there, on the home page, as you take that first glance, you are immediately pulled into the world of pleasure. If you want to know what she looks like, that is possible, and with all the pictures of her on the home page, you’ll hardly forget that pretty face. About the design itself, the most used color is pink, which furnishes the background, but the other windows are furnished in the colors tan, white, and that of the room in which Camarella had been at the time the photo was taken. With the intuitive menus, and the captions to describe the different photos on the home page, you get to know Camarella a bit, but not enough, in my opinion. Only by joining can you get to really know her, as she would be more than willing to have a private chat with you. The site also has that policy of no lag, so you get to view her videos and photos without ever having to see a stutter. I love that, and the fact that it works great on the mobile phones, which makes it even better.

Girls & Videos

But, the site’s technical parts only make it go so far. What made it perfect, in my eyes, was, of course, Camarella, that sweet, chubby girl, with her huge boobs and the lust for playing in front of her camera. Taking photos of her body is one thing, playing with her friends another, but, live shows, that is her passion. You should see her handle the pressure of performing live, she does it like a complete natural. What is more, her presence on the camera is even better than you might expect at first. She does look a bit innocent, with those hazel eyes looking at you, like it is the most natural thing. But what makes her special is not the fact that she is so beautiful, or looks so natural on camera, but that she is willing to share, and not only with us, but also with her friends. Sure, once you get to know her, and join her site, you will certainly have access to all of her friends, girlfriends, that is, and you would be able to chat with them, at least. Their photos and videos would be granted to you. Among the other great things, you should know that the quality of the said photos and videos is indeed great, HD, at least, so the details, even during live camera sessions, are clearly visible.


On Camarella Cams, you will find only the cutest, sexiest girls, and they are a dream to watch in front of those lens. Join Camarella and her girlfriends, and they will certainly show you what a good time looks like.

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