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Wednesday, 14 September 2016 / Published in Sweet
Popular sweet porn site for cfnm videos.


CFNMCollege is a website that means business, carefully cut out scenes of women practicing domination on nude, exposed and vulnerable men whose cocks are so shriveled with being treated like dirt. Trust me it’s not a pretty sight to behold for those who are straight, it might get you squeamish but what is worth it are the women on the site.

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Design and features

The design of the website is pretty basic with the red fading to black background and a foreground that largely contains large bodied videos and pictures with brief synopses of the videos in order for the users to understand what the video contains. The makers of the website had a clear goal in mind and that was function first, form later, which translates to showing the videos and other content first, draw attention to these things first and then the rest,and this is clearly evident in their layout.

It is very simple, yet very effective and this is what a website function basically is, so no frills, there are very basic elements to it, a simple logo and menubar, and a couple of phrases scattered here and there. Any suggestions and issues can be addressed to the webmaster at the provided email address and there is a referral program where the user can earn money by getting other people to join. On the mobile, CFNM is mobile, tab optimized so you won’t have a problem browsing along, the videos are not laggy since there is no issue with the resolution being of a high quality.

Girls & Videos

CFNMCollege has many varieties of videos to choose from, most of them focus on males being submissive, with an abbreviation that stands for Clothed Female Nude Male, you can’t expect anything else, can you? There is a Sex Slave Scene where men and sold to other women to do whatever they please at a price, there is science project where a male is used as an inlet for liquid through a tube which is placed in his anal cavity and there is Mr. Rackshaw where a teacher is seduced mid-session and around of girls feel him up and jerk him off to glory until he dries up.

These are just a few of the 38+ videos available for download at mp4 in 640×480 resolution and also at WMV in the same resolution. Further, they have around 48 galleries with 30 pictures in each gallery, which you can download into a zip file. The thought of them really gets me going, tightly wound white crisp shirts tied around the waist hugging their bodies like a chameleon’s feet to a tree bark, high heels and wild hair controlling men and dominating them, it’s a site to witness because you don’t really see this often. What you do see is women moaning and groaning getting smashed like tomatoes in a Spanish La Tomatina festival, it’s refreshing, to say the least in this avatar, like lionesses, but a word of caution is looking away from the guys dicks, you do not want to see that.


If you want to watch something kinky and sexy at the same time, then you should head over to CFNMCollege because they have some pretty innovative ideas regarding sex videos, really, take my word on this, sit back, relax, have a beer, put a video on and blast one out.

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