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Sunday, 17 July 2016 / Published in Amateur Porn Sites
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Remember the first time you and your girlfriend or someone else you met online had sex over the web? This is ChatRevenge porn site, where the people shown from the intro seem to have a score they have to settle with their ex-girlfriends and one way to do that is by showing the whole world the filthy things they’ve done over the internet. What an insane way yet a sweet vengeance showing your Ex’s flesh and make the world want it. Besides, it seems like you are already fed up with her body and the world owes you many thanks.

Design and features

The site is developed by My GF Network, so this means that the site features lots and lots of good stuff including fresh chicks getting naughty at night. My presumption is right and I see so many hot gorgeous fresh damsels. Moreover, it seems like their boobs and pussy are just in the stage of maturing. This is definitely going to be a bumpy ride so, seat on tight. The site carries real amateur coming to you through videos and galleries. Honestly speaking, my pornographic thoughts runs at the back of my head at this moment since there are stacks of dazzling girls around the place. There are loads of nudity and naughtiness with the striking resemblance. As you enter the site, there will be another window tab where the network introduces you with their exclusive porn sites. But, we are not going to explore them just yet since I have so many things to say about the ChatRevenge.

I was so confused, overwhelmed and I really don’t know where will I begin my review. I’m trying to be objective as I can, but it seems that I’m having some kind of mix emotions. If you like numbers, then you can’t go wrong with this particular site since they got plenty of amateur nude chat videos and galleries. Most of the girls got an itchy pussy and they prefer to scratch it in front of the camera. There are over than 6,000 chat videos. You’ll see the freshest and the hottest chicks in town as they show off their boobies, asses, butt holes, and delicious pussies to the world. Each video has a length of 5 up to 10 minutes. You can watch them through streaming or download using many kinds of video formats and these are Windows Media, Flash, and MP4. If the nude chat episodes are not enough, there are about 9,000 galleries with 25 pictures each which you can download them through zip files.

There is much stuff to discover so I log into the main membership area and click on the links that feature the latest materials. As a member, the network allows you accessing 15+ sites featuring real amateur GF pics and films. There will be daily updates which will be sent to your email, with top notch customer support and new sites will be added regularly. If you feel lonely at night, the GF Network is proud to present to you their live chats. You can access the instant messenger nudes, see real nude GF selfies, hot snapshots, submitted nude chat photos and real amateur videos.

Girls & Videos

Exclusive self-shooting fresh chicks using their webcams and mobile phones as they go wild and sexy. The materials will make you believe the dreams do come true. They are attractive, their bodies are amazing, smooth legs, and their pussies will satisfy your cravings. There’s a girl who likes to photo shoot at her own bedroom. You will see her with her different poses as she splits, lift her legs up until it reaches the 60 degrees up butt naked, shake her boobs and show off her rosy yummy vagina. I bet she’s some kind of a gymnast of something since she can stretch her limbs sophisticatedly. There are no hardcore actions includes, just pure softcore, nudity, solo, fingering actions. But what made the materials so great is the fact that all of the videos feature fresh chicks and I can say that some of them are still virgins. They are just curious with their bodies and somehow the best way to discover them is by snapshots.

There’s a particular nude chat episode that made my dick empty. She is chatting with her boyfriend and it seems that she misses the things they do whenever they are alone. There will be a bit of chat in most part of the scene and finally the stud want to see her girlfriend’s pussy. It’s like watching a POV live action where you can see every detail of the chick’s pussy. She will take off her pants and panties. She will highlight her enjoyable edible pussy for her boyfriend’s fuck pleasure while moaning and telling her guy that she’s missing him so much. What a lucky ass! Eventually, she will also show her premature boobs and her cute pink nipples. I assume that the guy is already masturbating up to this point since I’m hearing the dude moans. This innocent looking girl, on the other hand, will make the most out of her pussy using her finger. She rubs it nice, slow and easy until it gets wet. There are also blowjobs actions that I’m pretty sure that you are going to love. By the way, there are lesbo actions and nipples licking as well.


The site reminds me the time when I was still pissing in my pants as my parents brought me to my favorite theme park. I was nervous, excited and happy by just stepping at the gate. There are lots of wonderful things to expect and with that, the site can put a smile on the face of every member.

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