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Tuesday, 06 December 2016 / Published in Gay
Hot gay porn site for hardcore videos.


There is something about gay sex that turns people on, the intimacy, the feelings, the vibes that it gives out, everything about it will make you want to watch it over and over again. That is the impact of just watching videos from one site, now imagine have 4 high-quality gay sites to watch, that will surely make you feel all excited, hot and bothered. ClubBangBoys is a site that will give you access to 4 other gay sites that centers on hot and handsome men from all over Europe, they all know what to do and what the viewers want, you will never have enough.

Nice gay sex site for hardcore videos lovers.

Design and features

This site will give you access to 4 gay sites with just one pass, the four sites are PublicHardcore, GayBangBoy, BoysClubForMen and BarebackBoyBangers. As you scroll down you can also see the videos that they have in the site that you can watch, the videos last for about 15 to 30 minutes, each of their videos has a brief summary of the video’s story and you can also rate it depending on how well you liked the performance. All of their videos can be downloaded and transferred to your device like Android phones, Iphones, Ipads and more, all of their contents are high definition and has the best audio quality.

The site also holds events for its members and anyone who wants to have fun and mingle with hot and hunky men, the meet ups are in different clubs in Prague and, as a member, you will be notified and will be sent the details of the parties. They have no rules, so if you want to keep your identity hidden you can wear a mask or anything that will make you comfortable and will not hinder you from having fun and going wild and crazy.

Boys & Videos

This site has gathered the hottest men all across Europe, in one video under GayBangBoy it showed a man going through some profile photos of boy models, he was talking to the man who was behind the camera and he said he invited the boy in the picture to come over, they were both waiting for him to arrive, the camera man then showed his cock as he started jerking off at the thought of the hunky boy coming over at their place. Suddenly there was a knock on the door and the boy named Alex introduced himself, the camera man then introduced him to his friend Johnny who was the one who called Alex to come over for some fun.

When the camera man told Alex what they had in store for him, he took his black shirt off as Johnny touched his bare abs and his chest, he pulled his pants down and Johnny immediately grabbed his cock and began giving him a handjob, the camera focused on Alex’s massive dick as Johnny played with it, the camera man then reached for Alex’s cock and touched and played with it himself. The camera man asked Alex to take a sit as he offered him a beer, Johnny knelt in front of Alex and began sucking him while the boy was on the couch, the camera man asked Alex to show them his ass and so he did, Johnny stretched it revealing his perfectly round bum. Johnny then licked his ass as per the instruction of the camera man, as Johnny was licking his ass the camera man would insert his finger too and play with him from time to time.

In another video still under GayBangBoy it showed Johnny, along with his friend that was holding the camera, approached a boy on the street named Nick, they offered him money if he agreed to go back to their place, Nick agreed as they started walking towards Johnny’s place. Once they arrived they went to the tub, Nick was already naked and was in the tub and Johnny began taking his clothes off and he then joined Nick, he then started touching the boy all over his body and Nick did the same.

The camera man asked Nick to turn around and to bend over, Johnny then began licking his butthole and he even stretched it and inserted a finger, after a few minutes of ass licking and body touching, they both went out of the tub and they went into Johnny’s bedroom. Johnny then went on top of Nick as he asked Nick to fuck his ass while he rode him, facing the camera Johnny used Nick’s arm for support as Nick rammed his cock into Johnny’s ass, the camera focused on Johnny’s erect cock and Nick’s cock stretching Johnny’s ass.

After pounding him, Nick stood up as Johnny took the cock into his mouth and he gave him a blowjob, he deep throated him and he also licked and sucked Nick’s balls. They switched positions as he asked Nick to ride his cock, it was Nick’s first time doing it with a man so he instructed him on what to do and he went slowly with inserting his hard cock into his butt hole, when he got inside he went faster and faster making the boy moan, as he was fucking the boy from behind his other hand grabbed Nick’s cock and he gave him a handjob as well. The video ended with Nick cumming all over Johnny’s face.


This site will give you more than what you have paid for, not only will you enjoy one type of gay porn genre but you can enjoy 4 gay adult entertainment videos with just one pass. They also hold events so you can meet potential hook ups during their events, this is not just a regular gay adult entertainment site, they actually encourage interaction between its members and its models. All of their contents are in high definition quality and are transferrable.

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