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Tuesday, 11 March 2014 / Published in Amateur Porn Sites
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When you are in the final stages of your formative years, you go into a carefree mode and spend your weekends partying with guys from your frat and other sorority sluts. Oh, I think I made you nostalgic. Are you thinking of the time when you were carefree, and hung out with sluts so sexy that they would sit on your laps and you fondle their breasts in full public view? Are you keen to replay those golden days? Do you want to go back in time and fuck those sexy sirens, suck the perky nipples and experience the time of your life? Yeah, I know that’s what you want, but you can’t go back in time to re-live your formative years again. But, yes. There is something that you can do. Subscribe to CollegeRules. All your hidden fantasies will come to life. You will get a chance to go back in time and enjoy what you did, the only difference being you get to masturbate than fuck that slut of yours.

CollegeRules is a user submitted site offering you realistic amateur porn. The site features sluts who have a naturally sexy body, and are ready to give you the most natural and genuine porn performance. The site has tons of videos offering you lots of sex by the second. Nudity is the order of the day on this site and sex is the icing on the cake. You will find sex on the beach, in the swimming pool, bedroom, bathroom, car. There are threesomes and foursomes, and far too many orgy parties. To tell you the truth, this site has an overdose of weekend parties featuring orgy sex. To know more about this site, you should read the review we have provided below. And at the end of the review, we have included a call-to-action so that you can decide whether you should subscribe this site or not.

Nice amateur porn site for user-submitted videos.

Design and features

When you visit the site, you will find two very important pages for your perusal. One page contains the latest videos while the other page contains the most popular ones. For a non-member, there are 80 popular videos and 64 of the latest ones you can check out. Again, you cannot watch the videos without a registration. However, you can browse through the available video thumbnails and check out the best ones for your fapping session. The video thumbnails have a light grey background, which emphasizes the presence of the videos. Your focus is only on the videos displayed in the grid format on the tour pages rather than on the rest of the site. Thus, there are no distractions and you can completely focus on the porn being shown to you.

The beautiful logo, CollegeRules at the top of the page, in a chalky colour against a black background looks amazing. It is simple, yet powerful enough to give you an indication of the nature of the site. The logo gives an indication of the nature of sirens and studs who fuck them, and that they are in the final stages of their formative years. Join Now and Member Login links are seen to the right of the page in the black header. The latest and most popular videos can be accessed through the tabs that feature them.

All videos are in full HD, contain a suitable title, duration and number of views. CollegeRules was one site that had five-stars rating given to all its videos. Most of the videos featured orgy sex, although you can find lesbian couples, threesomes and group sex frequently. Lastly, let us check out the affordability of this site. The site can be accessed by registering for a one-day trial pack. After this, you will be automatically subscribed for the monthly plan, but I advise you to opt for the annual plan because it offers you a whopping 75% discount over the monthly plan. This is a steal that you can never miss out.

Girls & Videos

The sirens are great. In fact, great is an understatement. You can use all kinds of superlative adjectives to describe these sluts. The videos describe the carefree nature of the sluts and guys, and partying is their way of life. Watching these videos will give you a sneak-peek into the sex lives of sluts in their formative years. The chicks have the time of their lives, having sex with so many guys and girls. Trust me, you would want to participate actively in the sex acts. Unlike pornstars who feature frequently in various videos, you will find only new faces every time you watch a new video. Even if you happen to find the same face, the performance will not be a fake one. All performances are genuine and natural, because the settings are so natural.

The sluts love cocks, and love to attend parties where sex is the order of the night. The parties are not limited to weekend ones, there are birthday parties, parties celebrating winning a game, and parties for no reason. You will also find weekend picnics where chicks like to get dirty and get fucked outdoors. Outdoor sex is very fascinating, gives a thrill that is difficult to explain. And soon, the picnic turns into one hot orgy in the park. One such video is Sorority Girls Get Down on this site. The video thumbnail shows girls cheering a guy to fuck a slut in doggystyle. Clapping and yelling, they want the hunk to show them his powers in fucking the slut’s tight cunt. Watching these videos is a pleasure that has no parallel. You seem to be itching your cock. Is it wet with pre-cum juices? You should now head to the conclusion and then become a registered member of CollegeRules.


I think I have an idea of what you are thinking. Oh, don’t think I am a psychic who can read minds. All this is pure psychology, though I am not a psychologist. You are excited, and want to be part of this site as it gives you realistic amateur porn. The subscription to this site is affordable and when you are getting 75% discount over the monthly plan, why shouldn’t you opt for the annual plan? From all corners, you have only advantages in subscribing to this site. So, why miss such a golden opportunity? Register now and fap-off your nights to glory.

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