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Friday, 20 May 2016 / Published in Black
Great black porn site with hardcore content.


It’s nice to see hard-working girls get some love. On Comptonbooty there is a real appreciation for those girls that can work it and “twerk” it. With over 50 videos of black and anal content, you will be put into a trance by the amount of shaking ass and magnificent curves rolling before your eyes. But take your time, there’s no rush, you’ll see it all and be coming back for seconds.

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Design and features

Don’t write the site off just because of its sleazy décor, though that might even be a selling point for a majority of interested parties. The purple and grey design is effective and a great contrast with the dark skin of the natural beauties featured on the site. The main page is content rich with 4 columns, each with a long list of the available videos and a snapshot of each scene. The layout is simple and easy to navigate, with pages for scenes separated from the bonus and members content. It does seem to be only videos on the site and these are displayed with extra information like the length, actors, and actresses, as well as a catchy description of the scene.

Using the site on a mobile device is pretty easy too, the pages load quickly and seamlessly, even when there are so many thumbnails of content to load. It is a stable platform and they’ve clearly got their hosting right for this site. One key concern of mine would be the video loading. As they are using a version of flash player that isn’t optimized for mobile devices, it can be clunky and difficult to get full-screen viewing working, so I’d suggest saving your viewing pleasure for a PC or Laptop on this site.

Girls & Videos

The site really does know what it is doing when it comes to its content. The videos feature more fine butts than you can shake a stick at, with some being perhaps a little oversized, but still sticking to the target of “more butt = better”. Double Penetration is a hot favorite on the site, with numerous 3-way scenes, with different mixes of the sexes. Plenty of the girls get a hot face-full of cum by the end of their long scenes, some lasting 40+ minutes, though the average landing around 25 minutes. Anal, Facials, DP, Girl on Girl, these are the most common in Comptonbooty’s scenes and suit the target market they have aimed for. The girls are clean, beautiful and a mixture of professional and amateur. There is a very down-to-earth vibe about the videos on there and it gives a very different edge to the content that I find more appealing and realistic.

Though that feeling of realism doesn’t last that long once I see such enormous, out-of-this-world asses. There are 50+ videos on the site, mostly shot in a mixture of HD and standard definition, with good lighting, well-chosen casting and scene construction as well as a real dedication to creating really hot content. The videos are streamed from the site so I can’t tell what format they are in, but most likely if there are any download options they will be MP4. The site does not feature an image gallery, which I think is a little bit of a letdown: getting to see the stills from those scenes would have been a real bonus! But the video content is par excellence so this is forgivable.


Compton Booty is really all about the girls. They are incredibly beautiful, have amazing asses and don’t hold back when it comes to fucking. I like the membership plan and the layout for the site and I think that the amount of video content is perfect for an evening of gratuitous twerking appreciation.

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