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Watching the porn sites among the years, and how they change to accommodate new content, I as an adamant porn viewer got disappointed. The reason for that is that the sites generally started adding boring and repetitive content, mostly professionals being professional, and not engaging at all. That is why I turned to the amateurs, CzechOrgasm, specifically, and its content regarding girls masturbating in front of a camera, being as intimate and real as they can, the embodiment of a raw orgasm.

Design and features

The site is done in a way that got my attention straight away. Its simplicity can only be rivaled by the greatness of its content. The site has a very large slider on top of the front page that shows pictures from the videos, of the girls while they are masturbating. It is easy to get aroused while watching just the slider, never mind the rest of the site which is full of previews, especially the home page. The actual videos lie in a section reserved for members, only, and there you will find that the sorting options and the search bar are very helpful in choosing the girl of your dreams. The site comes with some perks once you join, which are to be discussed later. Now, though, I would like to praise it on the speediness while browsing, and even more, the site’s optimization for the mobile devices. It is very nice to view your favorite girl from the comfort of your bed, while you are masturbating along with her.

Girls & Videos

Since this site deals with amateurs, the only thing that you can expect is that there will be no acting here, just pure, raw masturbation and love of the touching and generally, pleasure. The girls are amazing in their own way, each and every one of them different. What I liked the most about the videos are the two cameras. You get to see their faces while they touch themselves and all the changes on it, from the mild pleasure expression to the unthinkably tantalizing expression of the incoming orgasm. And seeing them get to their climax along with the lovely focus on their faces, and all the vibrations you get to see while they are squirting surely can turn you on in an instant. The girls, like mentioned, are different, so they will employ different techniques to achieving their orgasm. Some prefer using their hands and fingers and clit stimulation, while others are more bent on penetration with their fingers. The others prefer toys, standard ones and those which vibrate, for an even kinkier ending. I preferred those girls who appeared to be not as old as the others, as their innocent looking faces turned me on instantly. I was barely able to hold in the orgasm until their own, and that is one of the best things about this site, the pure rawness of the footages and the fact that they can get you to the climax in a moment’s notice. Likewise, the site does offer perks, like the many more sites, 30, to be precise, that you would get upon joining, all with different content, all regularly updated.


There is likely a site out there that could arouse me as much as CzechOrgasm did. Once you start looking at the girls and their private parts and moments, in front of a camera, though, and once you see that intimate and passionate orgasm, everything else will start looking a bit fake. Luckily, the site is updated daily, and offers more sites similar to it, yet full with different content, so you are unlikely to run out of great porn. The site has been deleted, check this list of top paid porn sites.

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