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Wednesday, 15 June 2016 / Published in Amateur Porn Sites
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The site is completely different from the ordinary porn sites and based on a unique concept that can entertain you. The name of this exclusive site is Czech Sharking. Sharking is a very common word used in the Eastern Europe but all the readers of this article may not know about this concept. Sharking means pulling down the wearing of someone unexpectedly. These kinds of acts are very funny and usually little naughty boys and girls do it with their best friends or siblings. But nowadays adult people find this act as sensual pleasure and they get some satisfaction and fun from these kinds of videos. If you are also interested in these kinds of sensual pleasure then browse the site and enjoy the contents. The site is designed in a simple and user-friendly way. The site is launched in the year of 2012 and since then has been running with a great success. The contents of the site will give you not only sensual pleasure but also some funny effects. The site is based on only videos and you will get no image here. The scenes are interesting and shot in a realistic way. You will get to see everything very clearly for the bright light and the quality of the camera. The manner in which the scenes are shot can make you stunned. The easy to follow site and its navigation tabs are described in detail in the following section of the article to give you a previous idea about the site. The overall rating of the site is good and the increasing number of the members of the site proves that the site is going successfully. The site is updated on a regular basis with some interesting contents. The site is a part of the Czech AV company which is renowned on the porn industry. The site requests to the members and the visitors of the site not to follow the acts that are shown here to entertain people and give fun to them.

Design and features

The site is very attractive and the main page of the site can tell you what you may expect from the contents of the site. The quality of the site along with its audio visual clips can impress you. High resolution of the scenes is very eye soothing and gives you no trouble while watching them randomly. These contents are very smartly presented and can give you a mind blowing sensual joy and you may wish to spend more and more time at this site. The site allows the members to download the audio visual scenes on their personal devices to enjoy them later. These scenes can be downloaded in a very short time for their impressive downloading speed and you may also run them online without any kinds of trouble for its good streaming speed. The site offers more than 25 scenes to watch and download. Each of these audio visual clips is 1 minute long on an average. These short length funny videos can give you an ultimate pleasure. You may play these videos in WMV or MP4 formats that are now available in most of the gadgets. There are some setting options available with the new videos of the site and you can set them as you want while watching. If you don’t want to miss a second of the video you can pause or resume the videos to take a break while the video is running. The site gives various membership package options to the viewers of the site and after getting a free tour to the site if you want to access the contents of the site you will have to go select one membership package option from the lot. The entire procedure of becoming a member of the site is very easy and you will have to go through the simple joining form fill up with the user id and password. You won’t have to use the password to access the videos of the site. The membership process will be finished after paying online for your desired package. All the instructions are given there to help you and you will just have to follow them. The uses of the navigation tabs at this site are very easy to follow and you can redirect yourself by simple clicks on the navigation tabs as well.

Girls & Videos

The models of the site are very sweet and their appearances in these scenes are very realistic. The videos are shot on the street and these sensual funny scenes are taken in a very exclusive manner. The videos show that the girls don’t expect that someone on the street can pull off their dresses and run away. The fresh and matured ladies at this site have acted so realistically that it may become hard for you to consider the girls as the models of the site but you will consider them as one of the unknown lady who is simply walking on the road. Each and every girl who has acted in these scenes is very gorgeous. Their seductive figures and appearances are also very stunning. If you want to know how they react when their tube tops or halter dresses are being pulled of in a public place then you will have to watch the videos.


The site named Czech Sharking is one of the popular and unique porn sites that can serve you something more than you expect from an ordinary porn site. The videos of the site can give you some exclusive pleasure and stunning experience. The members of the site can access more contents from other bonus sites that are included in the membership of the site.

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