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Saturday, 01 February 2014 / Published in Other
Great public adult website if you want hot public porn material


What turns some people on, including myself, is getting to see scenes that are realistic, and can be found anywhere in the world. Well, that sometimes can mean that you become a voyeur. Surely, some of you have seen the videos where people fuck outside, which were caught by someone brave enough, carrying a camera. Such a person exists, and has made incredible voyeur videos, which you can find on Czech Snooper, a site dedicated to true voyeurism.

Design and features

A nice shade of gray, bordering with the color blue, furnishes the home page of this site. There is a changing image at the top of the page, one that makes for a nice introduction to the world of satisfaction, as it shows scenes from the videos, changing them every 10 seconds or so. Below, to my pleasure, I found scenes from the videos, too, yet these were previews, with summarizations to explain some of the action, and the adventures that the camera man went through, getting the videos. The site is simple to use, and its guidelines are perfect, getting you from section to section in a matter of seconds.

Yes, seconds, as the site has no lag on it, and browsing becomes a simple pleasure of clicking buttons and going through the videos that you love. They are sorted, accordingly, and finding a preferred one is as simple as typing words in a search bar or clicking on the filters. With good optimization for mobile devices, the site becomes even better, as you can browse from the comfort of your chair.

Girls & Videos

If you want to join this community, you should know what you can expect to find on it. Starting from good, real sex, and hardcore fucking in some cases, you can see and enjoy every kind of action, as you would not believe what people love doing in their spare time. Filmed by a man vigilant in obtaining voyeur videos, the shots are great, done from a true voyeur perspective, especially having in mind that the people in the videos have no idea that they are being filmed. Yes, the dirty scout headmaster has things to show to the girl scout, and the thing in mind are not cookies, certainly. Filming them through a window, they can be seen in some very kinky poses for scouts, as he would get a blowjob, and she would get the fucking of her life.

And that is just one of many scenes that there is on the site, just imagine three very dirty homeless people, lying in the trash, getting down on one another. A homeless threesome gives the word dirty some new connotations, ones that you will unlikely forget, ever. Going up and about, I saw that the videos are of a high quality, which is exceptional, even more so when the situation is so intense. The videos are updated daily, something to consider before joining, and you should know that by getting the membership for this site also grants you access to thirty more. 30! And they are all daily updated.


Stay around and have yourself a blast, seeing the people of this world, that is, Czech people, get down and do some really kinky things, in all kinds of public places. Likewise, when you join this community, you get access to 30 more sites, and daily updates, on all of them. With content of such a quality, and in such quantity, it is very easy to get lost in the world of Czech Snooper. The site has been deleted, check more premium porn sites.

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