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Wednesday, 03 August 2016 / Published in Amateur Porn Sites
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Indeed, technology changes the way we lead our lives across different dispensations and ages. First, it was fire, then farming, then tools, then steam engines, then computers, and now the internet. Gradually, mankind is progressing and becoming even more sophisticated over time. Such is CzechSpy; it has evolved from using spy cameras hung on the ceiling, in the walls, and other such places, to using state of the art spy glasses to record unsuspecting lovers fucking wildly and doing things they would never have done if they knew they are being filmed. This has given us access to awesome sex videos that are raw, original, authentic, and breathtaking. Because they are unaware of the camera embedded in the spy glasses, these couples and gangs engage in some of the most ferocious and most vigorous sex scenes ever recorded. Nothing is preplanned, nothing practiced, and nothing is staged or dramatized; it’s all real and incredible.

These naughty voyeurs with state of the art spy cameras go about filming people in all kinds all places. From club houses, to living rooms, to public cabs, cinemas, and every other place conceivable. Imagine the sex romp that goes on at the back of the cinema hall while a romantic movie is playing; imaging the anal riding taking place in the stands even while watching a football game; or imagine randy lovers fucking while on the way to an excursion. Now you get the picture. But without this amazing piece of technology spying and recording for us, no one would know that such hardcore and erotic fucking can go on in such places. It is simply unbelievable until seen. The cameras are linked to robust memory drives that have so much space to store the hours upon hours of awesome fuck shows we see normal amateur people engage in unawares. Without any cut, without any editing, and without any censorship, these videos are then tagged and transferred to the mighty library for onward enjoyment by users. It is that simple, yet so incredible and blissful.

These cameras capture moments of serious romantic caressing, of sweet and sensual kissing, of the best pussy finger fucking, of badass anal stretching, and some of the most erotic blowjobs and cumshots. It’s the best way of viewing amateur and homemade porn without restrictions, dramatizations, or censorship. Nothing comes close to the originality and rawness you would get while enjoying these lovely videos. The realistic experiences that the couples portray makes this site truly 100% authentic and original when compared to other sites filled with professional porn models who only act out scripts they have been given, all to the satisfaction of the director and to make a living. No wonder such videos are drab and dry; poor in action, and so repetitive. On the other hand, videos stacked on CzechSpy are completely off the hook, giving users nothing but original pleasure and a glimpse into the lives of ordinary people banging each other in the most incredible places ever.

Beyond voyeurs capturing the erotic and hardcore banging moments of simple, everyday people, there are also crazy CzechSpy models who use these spyglasses to dazzle their mates in the most erotic and crazy fuck shows ever. With these glasses, you would get to enjoy the best doggy anal POV sex shows, the most thrilling boobs fucking, excellent pussy licking, and some of the most inviting blowjobs and handjobs. Surely, nothing more spectacular than this site is out there. This is the number one and most authentic place for POV sex shows like never before seen elsewhere. With state of the art technology also embedded in the website itself, you can be rest assured that you would find this site exceptionally pleasing to use whenever, wherever. This is because you can also view all these fun, and even much more, from you mobile devices irrespective of your location in the world.

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Design and features

CzechSpy is built around the amazing POV shows that make other sites look like rookies. No other site has so many videos with stunning spyglasses sex scenes than you would find here. It is the ultimate of them all. This is largely thanks to the hard work put in by engineers and editors to bring these videos to international standard; ensuring that they can be downloaded into other formats; and keeping them crisp clear, and vivid too. With just a click of the button, you can either stream them online or download as many as you desire, for keeps. For next to nothing, you also get to enjoy all these wonderful videos of the most vivid quality, as well as awesome sex from as many as 30 other Czech AV Network sites, all for the price of one. This is one bargain that you sure cannot resist.

Girls & Videos

The fact that the fuck scenes recorded on CzechSpy showcases damsels and guys who are not aware of the spyglasses’ ability to record and store such dazzling fuck moments make the videos we see on the site even more real and authentic. These are ordinary people that we know around our neighborhood, simple office going chicks, the lady that runs the grocery, and that campus diva you have been eyeing. Such are the ordinary people CzechSpy showcases. This way, we get to see real, raw, and undiluted sex shows that are devoid of dramatization and pretense. It’s 100% original and uncensored. This is the major quality that sets CzechSpy apart from every other such site online.


As a leader in the spy porn niche, CzechSpy has gone many steps ahead to evolve and attach the cameras to glasses that makes the videos even more real, gives us perspective while watching, and catches the characters in the videos unawares. This combination makes CzechSpy even far more superior to any of such site in the world. All the work has been done; now is the time for you to subscribe and enjoy the show for such affordable price. A great bargain indeed!

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