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If you are looking for soft porn that brings close to the brink but never seems to cross the line, then demureladies is just what you need. The site specializes in discretion and exclusivity. There are numerous ladies who simply want you to have a piece of the cake in measured amounts. It is the ultimate teaser you will ever encounter on the net. It is sensual enough to arouse a pervert like me and clean enough to be enjoyed by the pope, I guess.

Design and features

The site predominantly dons a yellow shade as its front page colour theme. It presents an explanation, a description of what it’s all about and a disclaimer that it isn’t a porn site (really!). Well I will leave that for you to judge as you take a sneak view of what goes behind the curtains. Meanwhile, let’s explore what other features they bring with their simple looking pseudo-porn antics. Since the site has a very special audience, it does not splash a lot of stuff on the landing page. In fact I was impressed by the sheer plainness and lack of pop ads that have plagued many sites in the name of direct selling or affiliate marketing. Anyway, so much for what happens elsewhere. Demureladies is a fast and responsive site. I easily explored the contents of the site with my mobile phone. The set up behind the curtains is simple but exquisite. Demureladies does not provide any bonus links or webcam shows. You should expect this though given the special niche they aim to entertain. It does not feature a search tool but its layout is impressive. Since it is not overloaded with content, it is still very easy to navigate the site by clicking on the model links and other content highlights. The site is tweaked for streaming video but you can also download the content in WMV format. There is a rich reserve of galleries featuring different ladies. I couldn’t count them all but I never got to the end of the videos and pics.

Girls and Videos

The ladies prefer a reserved dress code. Yet, that is where the catch is. Most of them can be spotted in free flowing dresses and skirts that seek to cover most of their body. However, do not be deceived, these are sheer stage teasers, you soon get to see more than you probably would see in real porn entertainment; I mean, these models have a thing for the camera. You feel specially treated. There are no other models milling around. No males trying to fuck your girl either. It is just you and your model to flirt till you cum. I had an encounter with one of their star models, Natasha. This lady is a classy trendy and discreet princess who wishes to remain anonymously sexy. However, I had my session with her in just as explosively as it can get. In fact, she finally got to lift up her neatly sewn minders right up to her breasts revealing a host of goodies to behold from her legs up. Of course, she lifted the dress just above her boobs just so I could get it all in one sweeping view. It started with an innocent pose on the sofa as she sat right opposite where I sat. As a guest in the arena I had to keep my distance. Natasha sat with her legs crossed and seemed to be genuinely immersed in what the screen was rumbling about. Well, focus soon changed because the guest had better things to watch than join in the TV watching. I caught site of her ripe thighs as her dress kept moving up on the sofa. It was a tight multicolour mini-dress that gave me a fair share of vintage into her cleavage. Natasha noticed that my eyes were trailing her blotch and soft looking upper legs and I wasn’t about to look away. She first seemed a little disturbed by my open advances but soon decided, why not. She scaled up the game.


Demureladies is a site that features discreet porn videos and pics of models drawn from across the age divide. There is a little bias towards classy and mature ladies that would ordinarily be shy away from stunts such as provided by the models here. This is a site that is ideal for teasing people with a mild taste of adult entertainment and would like to keep it mild with classy and rich models.

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