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Saturday, 15 September 2018 / Published in Porn DVDs
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If you want to live in a world where porn is the norm and variety is the religion then Digital Playground is as good as it gets. For people who love to watch porn but do not want to search it every day on the internet, this is the perfect fit. You would not be disappointed with the kind of variety that Digital Playground has. When you get on the home page of Digital Playground, you will be greeted with a variety of girls and associated websites. The girls on the home page are not your regular blondes with big boobs. Although you would find those too. You can see Asians, East Europeans and even Indians right there on the home page. This is the variety that Digital Playground promises you and it keeps the promise every time you click on a new video. Digital Playground doesn’t only feature videos – they are passé. On Digital Playground, you can enjoy well-known series, DVDs, parodies and much more. Yes. Who knew watching porn could be so much fun.

Everyone gets a bit disillusioned with the type of porn they watch once in a while. No one wants to watch the same old girls fucking in the same old positions. The audience has grown and they want as much variety as they can. Given the means through which they can download porn now, a website has to really stand out in order to get the money from its customers. That’s why Digital Playground is the top pay porn site and goes a step ahead and makes sure that you get that little extra from the videos you watch. After all, most of the viewers somehow prefer to download stuff from torrent these days. That’s not encouraging for either the porn industry or the porn stars. That’s why Digital Playground makes sure that it gives its viewers something extra to pin on to.

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Design & Features

Digital Playground knows that the reason you are visiting them is that of your undying love for porn. That’s one of the reasons Digital Playground makes sure that you not only witness the videos but all the “Behind the Scenes”. Yes. Digital Playground believes that you will feel closer to the porn stars and the videos if you knew what went into creating these pieces of art. That’s one of the reasons Digital Playground encourages its viewers to check out the BTS section on the site which gives them an opportunity to get up close and personal with the porn stars that they so love. Digital Playground knows you would like to follow your favorite girls. People have a certain fondness for the women they so love to watch in action.

The women starring in their most popular “Kill Bill” parody and “Frankenstein” parody speak out about how it was like to star in one of the most popular XXX parodies of all time. As you can expect, it is a lot of fun! The design on the site is very simple and organized. There are different sections dedicated to different aspects. You can go to the home page and maneuver your way to “Girls” or some other section that piques your curiosity. Digital Playground is sort of a giant in the world of porn and that’s one of the reasons you will never be out of videos to watch on Digital Playground. If you decide to subscribe, you can be sure that you would probably have to look nowhere else.

Girls & Videos

A good porn website is nothing without the girls it features and that’s one of the reasons Digital Playground is so good. It has a tab that goes by “girls” where you can check out your favorite pornstars fucking and sucking uninterruptedly. You don’t have to go through each and every video looking for what you like. Digital Playground knows what the viewers like and they have made sure they index the girls for your eyes only. When you get to the “girls” section, you can see your favorite girls like Stella Cox, Eva Lovia, Jasmine Jae and many more beauties pose just for you. You can click on the girls that you like and move on to watch their videos. If you are one of those people who are new to porn then Digital Playground will help you build up your fondness for it.

All you have to do is familiarize yourself with the features of Digital Playground and by the end of your tour of the website, you will definitely be wiser about the porn world. It’s true that not all of us like to watch mindless porn all the time. Sometimes we prefer two people engaging in sex and we definitely like for it to be beaded together with a narrative. A good narrative can make all the difference. A nice girl with big tits and a good camera is no good if she is not doing anything purposefully. A narrative and good film bring in that element of excitement in the porn videos. No one understands it better than Digital Playground.

That’s why it brings to you a number of exciting movies that you can watch after you subscribe to them. There is nothing more enjoyable than watching a parody of your favorite movies and that’s another thing that Digital Playground provides you with. Digital Playground makes sure that you explore the world of porn in as many different ways as possible. One way may work for someone but not for another. The porn stars on Digital Playground are some of the best and highly regarded in the industry. They are known for their professionalism and the magic they create in front of the camera. If you are a newbie in the world of porn watching then this might just be your big lesson!


With so many features and different kind of videos and girls, it’s no surprise that Digital Playground taking the porn industry by storm. It has come to affect your life as well.

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