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Wednesday, 16 December 2015 / Published in Cartoons
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Enchante is a blend of comic and porn website illustrating an ancient territory. In this old empire, the core religion only revolves around pleasure and sex. There are cartoon pictures displaying males, females and other creatures performing hardcore sex. For a pocket friendly subcription fee, you can get to surf through all the exclusive comics onsite.

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Design and features

Enchante engineers did a fantastic job whilst they were building the site. Have you yet seen a design like theirs before? It is very decent plus basic with simple but alluring visuals. The shade choice and unsophisticated web visuals renders it pretty arty. The website was perhaps fabricated by the cartoonist, who does the comics since it feels harmonious with all stuff happening to be in rightful position. When I hit enter on the search-engine’s search box for this site’s URL, a fantastic homepage unveiled. A cover pic and the trailers of the newest comics come into view. There is a there is huge blue board on the left part of the page that operates as the main menu. There are around eight links that will lead you to any section of this site.

There is a part for a free comic for just visitors. Non-members can utilize this to estimate the superiority and type of the animes. When I clicked the newest episode, several panels appeared in full view. One can click on any panel or simply click the first one and use the forward or back arrow-key to move to the next or previous panel. The image is large enough to occupy almost the full page. There is no full screen or enlarge feature something they should probably consider but the image is big enough. The images are high quality and artistic. There is some anime influence, but it is mostly influenced by traditional American style of caricature.

Girls & Videos

The tale is grounded on a prehistoric sovereignty with a one-off culture, which surrounds sex and pleasure. The main star is Peka, who begins on a mission all over the territoty to search for a special amulet with her horny aide Neka. Peka soon after rises the superior priestess of the kingdom and inspires the entire population to fuck as much as possible. All inhabitants are urged to do this each day for their own benefit. Banging as much as possible is not really a bother for the people of this legendary kingdom. There are specific creatures that are supposed to serve the all the residents. Imps are womanlike creatures that resemble elves and they offer great sex to the males in the land. This take in the king and other members of the majestic family, too. Trolls are huge masculine creatures bearing fat dicks.

Their sole role is to have sex with horny females all through enchantae kingdom. There exist some other creatures such as alien tots and stark-naked females, who walk around unclothed. These creatures engage in strange sexual acts. The story-line is quite well narrated and all the creatures have numerous chances for hardcore sex, whilst still making the fairy-tale interesting and delightful. Everybody in the royal family in Enchantae own some imps who are at their back and call any time they want to fuck. There are lots of group orgies, lesbian sex, threesomes and all kind of hardcore sex. There are one-on-one sets as well between guests and imps or ladies who want to welcome them into the land and enlighten them regarding their culture.


If you have a liking for adult comics, then this is perfect stop for you and you need to check out this site as at now. A good story line that will keep you thrilled from the first to the last episode. Numerous characters and hardcore sex go down here. The monthly subscription fee is friendlier than that you will get on most adult comic sites.

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