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Monday, 11 April 2016 / Published in Shemales
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There is a lot to see in the porn world, yet a lot of it is crap, to be honest. I have seen a lot of such crap, and became sick because of it. Since I’ve spent so much time searching for the better content, I actually found a site that has some, and it is called Eva Cassini, like the person on it. She is a lovely tgirl with a lot of different interests, and most of them include posing naked in front of a camera, flashing her big dick.

Design and features

This is a marvelously done site, one that caught my eye from the start. As you get there, you see pictures of Eva, and she is gorgeous, but the design is done with taste, as well. You can see that from all the previews, that fit the blueish notes of the text perfectly. The previews are bordered with a white color, which is a nice contrast to the dark gray in the background, and the purple letters, too. Apart from the free tour and the previews on the home page, you get to see not so much, as the actual content is reserved for the members, as well as a lot of perks.

Now, getting to see the content requires a cheap fee, and finding it is simple, due to the site’s organization, the sorting options and the search bar that they have you utilize. What I love about the site is its smoothness, as it can run perfectly in any way, you just need to go and click on a link and it opens up instantly, which happens on the mobile phones and devices, too, showing good optimization.

Girls & Videos

Though I loved the technical side of the site, it was not what prompted me to stay. The main reason was Eva, of course, as you will see for yourself if you take a peek, though, I’ll give you a preview. Eva has blue eyes and tends to change her hair color a lot, so that she looks different in almost every photo session. She has great, big boobs, the kind that you would love to feel. She is nice and fit and has a nice ass, one that is perfect for fucking. Now, her dick is also great, as it is big and she loves playing with it. On camera, she does masturbation, in different areas, and makes it great. The videos are in HD, so that the details can come to life.

There are over 100 videos, and Eva has some partners she loves fucking with. The partners are, of course, tgirls, too, and Eva loves stroking their dicks and fucking them. She does indeed get fucked, too, and she has orgasms while doing it, where both the girls spill out some cum. Eva’s photo sessions include some kinky science fiction stuff, as she loves to dress up, and they are updated frequently, every week a new set, at least. You should know the perks of joining, like getting access to Eva’s early stuff, before the site, a lot of kinky videos. You also get to hear Eva’s music, original and pretty good, too. Her drawings and projects become available to you, too, so joining has more in store than just photos and videos.


That is why I joined, well, that and because Eva is amazing to watch, the way she handles her own dick, and that of her partners, is just enough to get me to an orgasm in a moment. What more is there left to say except go and see for yourself, enjoy the tgirl that is Eva Cassini.

“The site is offline. But you can also visit WENDYSUMMERS.”

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