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Saturday, 22 October 2016 / Published in Erotic Sites
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When you find a good adult site that focuses on passionate, hardcore sex movies, it is hard to ignore it or pass it by. After all, we are all looking for pleasure and enjoyment, aren’t we? Well, Exxxtasy is one of those amazing sites. Any adult platform that starts with ‘XXX’ is usually a recipe for sexual disaster but that is in a good way. Exxxtasy is a fairly new site and it introduces you to the world where everything goes. The movies are hardcore and the models are hot. The combination of these two factors is fully capable of driving any man or woman with a beating heart to the edge. As a site that was established in 2015, Exxxtasy has many new and exciting things in store for you. It is time to get your guard down and let this site overtake you with pleasure and emotion.

Exxxtasy does not focus on a specific niche of content, the site offers general hardcore sex, just in the way that you like it. The action is non-stop and for hours on end, you will be enjoying the best that the site has to offer. With the high definition flicks, you will be enjoying utmost entertainment at all times. It does not matter the kind of viewing quality that you go for, you will always be in the presence of crystal clear viewing. As we all know, top-notch clarity is the only way to enjoy adult movies. There is a whole lot of excitement and enticement to look forward to on this platform.

The flicks give you the kind of pleasure and desire that you have always hoped for. The collection on Exxxtasy comes from DVD releases, therefore, the site is not 100% exclusive. Even so, the flicks here are the best of the best and apart from that, they are massive in number. This site comprises of a collection of 2000+ films that have the potential of giving you the orgasms that you have always wished for. These are not the kind of movies that will clog your hard drive, instead, they will motivate you to clear your computer of all the excessive files and make space for the new excitement in your life.

Exxxtasy has been brought to you by the BrosCashNetwork. Known for some of the longest flicks, you will be in sheer enjoyment for over an hour per movie. Despite the fact that there are no images on this platform, the flicks make up for this fact by giving you a first-class seat to the best adult movies that you have ever had the pleasure of enjoying. There is a lot of smut to go around, and you will be excited by the fact that all of this entertainment is meant just for you.

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Design and features

When it comes to taking a tour of the site, you will be delighted by the good arrangement of the thousands of scenes. Many sites do not care about the experience that you will have but Exxxtasy truly cares about your access to the collection. Although there aren’t any photos galleries, do not fret, the flicks on the site thoroughly compensate for this.

Anytime you get to watch a video, you will enjoy it with the best display. Downloads are not an option on Exxxtasy but the site makes it a point of letting you know that it is a streaming only site. Therefore, good connection to the internet is paramount. The content quality is absolutely brilliant and the site has presented itself as exceptionally well. The site’s design is notable impressive and aesthetically appealing in all ways. With such a simple user-interface, you will have a blast navigating through its pages.

Girls & Videos

You will be thrilled by the sexual process that the models on Exxxtasy showcase. The truth of the matter is that these porn stars are capable of dominating your world with pleasure. They get fucked in all manner of styles including getting deep throat faced, participating in anal play and full-on fucking scenes. There is no shadow of a doubt that they all treat you just in the way that you desire. You will be aroused in both the outdoor and indoor scenes, depending on the dose of pleasure that you are looking for.

Pornstars like Anna Fox promise to put on a good show for you and they deliver beyond your expectations. She is truly the kind of girl that can make you scream at the top of your voice in bed. They are not afraid to go to ecstatic places that other models would not dare go to. In other words, they are not reserved. Their anal holes and vaginas are used to hardcore banging, therefore, they dish out the action just in the way that they deem best. Of course, if you let them take charge, they will please their tongues into the women’s vaginas and they have ways of swallowing with glee.

You will be in the company of Daisy Marie, Madelyn and Cyprus Wes and many others. Some even assume nicknames like Bonnie and Clyde! The porn stars do not have specific preferences, they go with whatever rocks their boat in that particular moment. The expressions on their faces let you know that they are having the time of their lives and they are not afraid to affirm this with the moaning and groaning sounds that you can hear from afar as they are getting laid. Big boobs and butts must appeal to you to spend time on this site, therefore, you will be in for a treat of a lifetime.


Exxxtasy is a dream come true for many porn lovers. The action here is highly appealing and you will have a blast rediscovering your love for hardcore and passionate sex. When it comes to good quality, the site represents itself well. The models are a handful and rightfully so. After all, we heard you love your sex wild and over the top. The action here is simply ecstatic!

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