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Saturday, 01 February 2014 / Published in Other
Great porn site if you like facial videos.


It doesn’t matter where you like your load to end up because in the world of FacialsZ, the models are the bosses and they determine where they want your jizz after they fuck you, and that is right on their faces. They are highly focused on getting that creamy cocktail all over them that they are not able to see past anything else. Whether it is one gorgeous model dishing out filiations like Roman noodles on a plate or a few models giving handjobs to one guy in groups of two or three, they will still end up bathing with and swallowing their man’s juice. This is the kind of captivating action that we have always hoped the porn world would have delivered and FacialsZ has truly done us justice. You will be glued to the screen for all of the right reasons.

When the models want to get kinkier than usual they milk the load onto a glass and gobble it up like mango juice. Either way. FacialsZ will keep you busy and occupied with all those hot scenes that it has in store for you. If you thought you know facial action, this site will show you that you have not even gotten started. FacialsZ is a site that is part of a bigger site, VideosZ, which offers all kinds of sexual encounters. Although the platform is not massive, it is still able to treat you to 100 hardcore scenes that will give you the grand finale that you have always hoped for.

The extra ‘Z’ on the site’s title must be one that shows you that you will not be able to handle the extra load of Jizz that all of the scenes have to offer. If you are the kind of porn lover who always jumps to the end of a movie then you need not worry because FacialsZ is focused on the concept of cumshot entertainment from the get-go. The models are a mix of amateurs and professionals. It is no wonder this platform is considered the most comprehensive adult platform. You can never go wrong with the variety of flicks from different top-notch porn studios.

Design and features

FacialsZ gives you a grand tour experience that you have always hoped a good adult site would. Once you sign in, you will end up on the VideosZ Network page and from here, you can select the site of your choice, which is FacialsZ, you will also be able to see a number of other niche sites. The scenes are of great quality and you will never want for any more, streaming and downloading are your bet when it comes to actual viewing of the scenes and as such, you will conveniently be able to get access to your favorite in a short amount of time.

Saving your favorite is something that you can definitely do on FacialsZ. This saves time because when you want to replay these scenes, you will not have to start searching for them once again. The site in it’s entirely is loaded with 100+ scenes that feature sexual action like blowjobs and handjobs. A few of the scenes come with screenshots, seeing as there are no galleries on the site. The site has a decent number of browsing tools that will facilitate your tour. Browsing can be done by the respective porn stars and the DVD titles, depending on what you are most comfortable with. The model index is also another way to browse your collection. So far, the site has got its house in order.

Girls & Videos

The models on FacialsZ clearly are the kinkiest group of girls that you have ever seen. There is no doubt that they will give you exactly what you come for; a grand finale that will leave you in absolute one of their sexual ability. You can never experience a moment of boredom whilst in their company as they are simply great at what they do. Pleasure has to be their middle name because, in order to gobble up as many sperms as they do, they truly have to be confident in their skills, as they are.

You will never be disappointed by what they bring to the table simply because they know what you like and they give it to you straight. I doubt whether there is a need for any makeup because the beautiful faces end up being ruined by loads of cum. However, they do not seem to mind. They would rather look pretty getting creampie anyway.

Just like with any group of girls, there are those who are too prissy and as such, they opt for the biggest glasses they could get, assuming that their partners would fill it up. Don’t be quick to judge them, they do not go for a single shot. Instead, they opt for two of three shots of pleasure. So by the time they are done, you will be able to see them drinking loads of cum. In the model roster, you will get to see starlets that you recognize and other who are getting their feet wet with their hot porn action. All in all, you will find pleasure in the threesomes, foursomes, and even gangbangs. Do not ask me how one girl can be able to get eight guys to cum because I would not have the answer for you. You simply got to watch it to believe it!


FacialsZ is an adult site that gives VideosZ a great name. The platform is well-put together, promising nothing but videos that make a difference in your sex life. You will be begging for more as soon as you see what the adult platform has in store for you. If you are looking for tons of cumshots, all in one place, you will be able to find them all here. Although the site may not carry 1080p HD videos, it does carry good quality films that leave you with lots of fun and excitement. Site closed, check PissingInAction for different fetish xxx videos.

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