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Saturday, 08 October 2016 / Published in BBW
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Hello, dear chaps! Welcome once again to the place where you will get the most up to date and in demand pornographic websites being properly reviewed as well as home to all our fellow porn site enthusiasts who just love to see only the highest quality showcase of some of the industry’s hottest naked performers doing it on camera. We have several awesome porn site reviews lined up for you this week so stay tuned for we tons of exciting porn sites you might subscribing for. Moving on, our today’s porn site review fancies a very interesting adult film that so far we can say as something that we haven’t seen elsewhere and probably the first of its kind in this particular genre of porn.

The name of our subject for today’s porn site review is FeedHerFuckHer, we know right? The very name of this porn site says it all or at a wee bit of the context on how this porn site truly functions (well more on how this site astonishingly shows of alluring the prospect of eating while fucking do to our very senses). What we love about this porn site is the fact that it shows the prospect as well as the potential of the proper use of food when doing nice and horny with someone. Considering that we humans are very much an intelligent yet extremely sensual being, this subject of our porn site review manages to create a way on how your body can enjoy or at least make someone enjoy the idea of having sex while all your carnal appetites are being satisfied as well as in bombarding them or your sense of sight, sense of smell, sense of touch, sense of hearing, and most of all your sense of taste which is the very core subject of this unique porn niche.

Design and features

One of the things that I personally enjoyed with this porn site is the overall theme: Food. The designers and developers of the website itself did pretty well to tie up the everything, from the design, layout, and up to the finite details. Everything really spells out food. Let me explain what I mean. Once you have landed on the homepage, you will be welcomed by a visual sight that screams “picnic!”. While the body of the page is white, the background, on the other hand, looks like a picnic mantle, you know, the red plaid ones we lay out on the ground to have a picnic on? And then, on a clear fun font, the title of the porn site FeedHerFuckHer is stated in the colors yellow and red. If you are unaware, yellow and red are actually the colors of food both in the advertising and visual design industry.

Have you noticed that most of the fast food chains don the same color? This is also connected with the fact that these colors psychologically tells us to eat. In the smack center is a really tall sandwich. Man, that made me feel hungry for sure! This is complimented with a BBW model eating strawberries with what appears to be chocolate syrup dripping on her breast. And of course the site’s tagline “Food makes them horny!” in the left part of the site title. Scrolling down you will then see the different previews of the porn site’s latest videos. This is another thing that we really enjoyed. Even the previews and the titles on them screams food. It really looks like the site took a lot of brains and creativity to put together. For instance here are some of the video titles: Butter Her Biscuits, Chocoholic Cockaholic, and Taste Test, just to name a few.

Girls & Videos

On the wilder side of things, thanks to our design and features section of our review which pretty much introduced us the sort of girls and their respective adult video performances that you can expect from these voluptuous beauties. Quite frankly, they may be some of the fanciest beautiful big women that we have seen so far in our intensive porn site reviews but they still do not fail to provide us with the ample amount of surprise in every scenes and video that this porn site has installed for us.

Everything in these sensually thematic porn site delivers the maximum amount of pleasure, from their visually and undeniably tantalizing gourmet treats, to their equally scrumptious gorgeous damsels, up to the very act of getting down and dirty with these very delicious women that you ought to penetrate delicately layer after glorious layer like what you would do to a triple layered chocolate cake or well-marbled cheese cake. Every single one of these extra sized sex goddesses in their videos does not fail to make our cocks hard and our stomach grumbling for more culinary and pornographic delights that this porn site does offer. And oh boy, the high definition quality of their videos are not helping us in getting our wits together but rather we pumped for a serious masturbation session.


Feeding and fucking, fucking and feeding, quite lovely to the ears is it not? Well for us here at the office we can confidently say that saying that we enjoyed this porn site is by itself an understatement. After all, what the truest sense of what would firmly hold our impression can be summed up in one word: sexcellent! Let me say that again, sexcellent! Hats down to you brilliant thinkers and makers of this porn site! You have managed to create a very unique and aesthetically fulfilling porn site that we every porn lover will enjoy!

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