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Monday, 08 August 2016 / Published in Erotic Sites
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Hey, guys! So let me tell you about this site. This particular site lets you see really beautiful girls display all their beauty in pictures! What is this site? It’s FirstDreamStudio! This site picks the choicest, most beautiful women in terms of face value (really gorgeous or really cute, it’s good either way) or in terms of the figure (slender, busty, whatever it’s also good).

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Design and features

This site is perfect for someone who just wants to relax and look up pictures of beautiful girls. For this, the site is designed quite simply, with links connecting immediately to where you want to be to show you what you want to see. These links are indicated by red text. To start off though, you might want to know that this site requires a membership (which is to say, this is a pay site). That’s why you should check out the text that says “click here” (only the “here” is in red and it’s the only one that you should click) first and go there to become a member.

Don’t worry, the site uses a safe and secure payment method, so it will go very well. Also, that page is where you should go if you forgot your password or some other stuff (in other words, customer support, yay!). There’s also this exclusive page for members, indicated by the red text “Members Enter Here”. There, you’ll see all the good stuff. You’ll see all the sexiness and beauty of the girl featured.

Oh yeah, another thing to mention is that the site features only one girl at a time. The reason is that the owner (or owners) of the site wants to preserve the quality of the photos as much as possible. You’ll see photos of the girl, as well as a video (just one) that shows the process of the photo shoot. Basically, it’s something like a getting to know the cast and the girl kind of thing. It’s pretty good too. Of course, those who are still not members are not left out by the site owners. I mean, it’s pretty cruel to not give them even a taste of what it’s like to be a member.

You get to see a preview, which is indicated by the red text “preview”, or simply just click the name of the girl featured at that time, which is also indicated by a red text. Look it up, and you’ll know for sure that you’re missing out on stuff. You get to see some photos of the girl as well as some information of the girl, the pictures, and the video. The site owner is being considerate and adds a link that connects to the page where you can apply as a member, just in case you decide to join because you got enticed by the pictures. Seriously though, check out the preview. It really gives you a hint of the good (and I mean good) things you’re going to get when you become a member of the site.

Girls & Videos

The photo qualities are really good, all of them go up to 960px as photos, and zip files go up to 3000px. Pretty good huh? The videos are available in 960x540px or 640x360px, both in MP4 format and are enjoyable by streaming or as a zip file. Now let’s talk about the fun part, the girls! Well, again, there’s only 1 girl featured by the site at a time, so you’re going to have to wait before you get to see another model, but the models are so beautiful and the photos so good that you’re gonna be able to wait! What’s in the photos? Well, you’re gonna see those models get relaxed, wear fancy dresses, pose for the cam, and captured. Then they wear lingeries, pose for the cam, then shoot.

Finally, they get to the best part, getting nude, pose for the cam, then they get their beautiful, naked bodies immortalized through these photos! At the time of writing this, the girl featured is Lia. She’s an amazing European hottie (top model at that, boom). She’s just so beautiful. I mean her face, her body, come on! Look at that face, it just screams temptation. She’s all natural too, her figure is not distorted like some others who use silicon bags or some other crap. Some info on her, she’s 5 foot 6, and has natural C size breasts. Just the right size, it’s absolutely perfect. All of the photos that she’s been captured in are simply the best, and she looks good anywhere she is! In the couch, by the window, on the bed, in the bath. She truly is stunning, and her poses are so wow! No photoshop has been used to enhance any of her pics. No pixels have been harmed during the making of any photo.


There you have it, folks, you’ve read everything and you got a glimpse of what it’s like inside. Personally, I don’t mind the lack of girls, of course, it’s really good if you have tons of content on top of the good quality, but hey, when you have to choose, more often than not quality is better than mere quantity. The choice of girls is really good too. You see top models as photo subjects! You don’t see that every day. They didn’t pick random models, they picked top models. Overall I think this is one of the best sites you can have if you just want to look up beautiful girls and their beautiful bodies. What’s striking though is that though you’re just up for the fun, once you go in you’ll be stunned, and you’ll end up wanting more of those photos. If you appreciate art or you just want to see nudes, it doesn’t matter. FirstDreamStudio got you covered.

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