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The review of this website comes with great pleasure for me since it is, in fact, one of the best porn I’ll be righting about up to this point in time. Now if you’re the type of man who’s into real hot steamy sex with a great camera angles and a well-lit set featuring porn stars filled with passion as they suck and fuck each other with full of intense lust for each other’s body. Then this is the one you’ve been looking for. Frenchgfs is a site not to be reckoned with. It is full of porn stars with beauty that isn’t common to the naked eye.

The stars they hold in this site are really easy to fall in love with. They possess such innocence yet such knowledge on how to satisfy the human heart and dick! I’ve been reviewing a lot of porn sites lately, and you know what? The amateur act is getting old! We guys need a gal that can be compared to a goddess, and fuck her up to our hearts content! This is what we’ve been waiting for! This is what our hearts been thirsting for so long! There’s so much in store here for the weary seeker, being a member on their network is no waste of money! Now enough blabber from me and let me invite you to my article review on “Frenchgfs” a true site to behold!

Design and features

I’ve entered many sites but this one really intrigued me. The Company knows their site is not for free, but they aren’t afraid of showing off their video previews for those who might be willing to be a member. The moment I entered the site, I noticed the vast array of videos the site has to offer. They don’t hide it. Unlike other sites that tells to register first before they show ANYTHING. This site gives you a nice bit of sneak peek! That shows confidence! They ain’t afraid to show off what they got to offer! The web design on their home page is very simple and neat.

When I say neat it means all the dirty hot stuff we’ve been looking for are well arranged in three columns so that you won’t have to worry getting confused by too much content being presented to you at one time. But if you should ask, why three columns only? That’s easy, the site valued the Size of the video preview! You know how we men are right? We don’t just click a video we think is nice, we actually take time to take a look at the video’s preview first. Well this site made sure you get a good view by making the video thumbnails bigger with hi-res pictures to assist them too! Now going over to their language options. This site can be translated in 6 different languages, English included of course. Seeing how simplistic and original their design is, I would really give their homepage a 4 out of 5-star rating

Girls & Videos

Before I go to the detail, let me give you an overview of their content. This site contains over 10,000 bonus content, over 300 naughty actresses, 50+ videos each week too. That’s a lot of videos if I say so myself. But not only that, once you become a member, you get free access to 9 other porn networks! That’s 9 porn sites for free! So you don’t only get to enjoy French girls, but a whole lot of sweet sexy girls from other sites as well namely, Real Mom Exposed, Real Lesbian Exposed, Real Black Exposed, Real Asian Exposed, Real Latina Exposed, Real Emo Exposed and Real GFs Exposed. Oh my, these are a lot of sites to choose from each night. I’d have no regrets taking them up.

Now if you’re wondering how the girls are like on Frenchgfs, I’d say they are near perfection. These girls are one of the most beautiful girls I’ve seen on many porn sites so far. They don’t give you fat or ugly girls. They only present you with those with perfect body and elegant exotic beauty that’s found only in Paris! While seeing some of their videos, it’s really easy to get hooked and infatuated over their beauty. I don’t even notice the guy anymore. The way they moan is also amazing, you might even forget you’re watching it online! It’s like their right there in your room moaning to you as you fuck them from all angles! The girls are great. There’s nothing negative I can say about them!


Regarding the website’s design, there’s nothing bad about it! I like how easy it is to use and how big in size the thumbnails are. Oh I almost forgot to mention, their videos are also easily accessed on your iPad or any other mobile devices. Once you’re a member it all becomes free. I would also like to commend again the 9 free websites you get access to once you’re a member. That would surely stop me from searching for other official porn sites since they give us the privilege of choosing from 9 others. Now for the verdict, it’s a site that’s worthy of its price.

It doesn’t disappoint with the video’s performance, all on HD and with free unlimited downloads too, that gives you a lot of option on how or when you’d like to watch your vids, they are also very secured, no viruses or spywares or malwares have been reported yet, the navigation doesn’t seem to cause any problem. All in all, it’s an all-around good porn site if you’re willing to be a member of an official porn site. I’d give this one a 95% grade out of 100%! That’s it for me fellas! Sign up now and give yourself a great time with this site!

This site no longer exists, please refer to our GFs sites list for more girlfriend porn videos.

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