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Monday, 22 May 2017 / Published in Sweet
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FuckThoseChicks is a top hot hardcore porn site that showcases the most dick-arousing gorgeous ladies out for a sweet hardcore fuck in their tight pussies and tighter assholes. The ladies are all Czech and hornier than any lady has a right to be. Thus, their legs are always open and their bodies on display as they seek for guys to scratch the itch deep within them.

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Design and features

The site screams of class while the girls featured moan at you to come fuck them silly right at the homepage. Well laid out, it’s quite easy to see whatever you might be looking for. A menu bar exists and a more erotic one we have yet to see. On the site, it’s all too busy to get distracted by photos and slideshows of the girls doing bad things to dicks or getting sweetly pounded in various sex positions. Which might be why a basic or advanced search feature is not provided.

All the content is dated and it’s indicated how long each video lasts, so you can know all there is to know about them and decide if it’s worth your time and cum. Site navigation on both mobiles and PC is near-effortless and as fluid as a flask of perfumed oil. Which additionally goes a long way to recommend it for those that value quality.

Girls & Videos

FuckThoseChicks has a grand collection of the most beautiful and horny Czech women looking for all the hardcore sex their sweet bodies are capable of absorbing. Some look like amateurs, but actually, all are professionals and all of them well know the erotic arts of love and dick fucking. They love putting on quite a good show for the camera. Hence, expect your eyes to be soon popping out of your head as these ladies pull off amazing moves that get your pre-cum foaming and threatening to burst out.

Onscreen, all the sex is dick vs pussy in a war to find all the cum each can produce. These Czech ladies will suck a dick like few other women can. They will even teabag, before opening their lithe legs and permitting their partners to suck and nibble on their pussy like it’s a five-star meal. Finally, they get pounded in their secret place and the thrusting dick soon has them singing and moaning like their pussies are getting boiled with hot jizz. Sex toys do not make an appearance in these hardcore xxx scenes. Which is all to the good as the available dicks are up to the task of teaching these ladies how to spell O R G A S M!

Videos on the site are around 145 and on the average are 30 minutes long. Videos play like a dream and can be stopped and resumed as needed. All the videos are professionally shot and erotically acted for the best cum-worthy effect. Pictures are also available, there are 32,940 spread around 151 galleries, with each having around 200 pictures on average. Picture resolution is eye-watering in clarity at 1500 x 1000. You are thus enabled to get a good eyeful of all the most hardcore sex scenes ever. The contents are not necessarily exclusive, but they are still numerous, sinfully erotic and effortlessly amazing.

Downloading the provided content is easily accomplished, as the download manager supports a maximum of eight channels. Apart from downloading you can also stream the content. In which case, you are assured of great playback capabilities as both downloading and streaming of content is fast, reliable and trouble-free. Which contributes to an outstanding user experience.

Apart from teaser pictures and stills of the onscreen action, the site is not fully accessible to nonmembers. Membership plans range from monthly to multi-monthly, depending on how you like your fun. Membership is certainly recommended as it’s the only way to explore the riches on offer and additionally confers extra benefits like unfettered access to five other hardcore xxx sites.


FuckThoseChicks is a top xxx hardcore porn site filled with naughty Czech ladies looking to get thoroughly fucked to bits by guys on a pussy-destroying adventure. The site is professional, exciting, thrilling and provides excellent amounts of cum for those looking for a good hardcore site full of the sexiest and naughtiest Czech women alive.

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