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One of the best porn sites for clothed sex scenes.


I do not know about you but there are many times when I have had fantasies of having sex while I am fully clothed. Sometimes, going out of the norm offers exciting experiences that we would not get when we settle for random and ordinary fulfillment encounters. Over the years, we have had enjoyment on an array of different sexual encounters that involved naked boring sex, people having sex with their spouses, co-workers and even those who love indulging in extra-marital affairs. Having sex while fully dressed could be considered uncomfortable or even a bit awkward but on FullyClothedSex, this is the norm. Whatever the circumstances that involved this kind of sexual experience are, the action is hell-fire hot!

The models could be keeping their clothes on because of the fear of getting caught or the need to try out new things, regardless of the reason, the couples on this site will take you to cloud nine and back. The TainsterNetwork proves that you do not have to be naked to get pleasure at its best. This one-of-a-kind site proves that if a girl is going to suck a cock, it’s only befitting that she gets dressed for the occasion. While most people would find the idea of fully clothed sex to be downright laughable, this adult site will let you know why it is the best thing on the planet. Do not be fooled, this is not your third-grade adult site, it is the representation of top-notch lust that has been captured on videos and delivered only to you for your sole enjoyment. The thought of women who are embedded in their fashionable ensembles having sex should be enough to turn you on.

As they suck and fuck, you will be servicing yourself because this action is too hot to withstand. The hardcore sex on this adult site features European beauties who cannot help but ‘get in on’ while fully clothed, the scenes are exceptionally exclusive and cannot be enjoyed anywhere else but here. Do not think that they are dressed in lingerie, instead, the models are in actual pants, skirts, and over-sized shirts. However, only the girls wear outfits that would allow them to get fucked easily. On the other hand, the men are fully nude. As any other great adult site would have it, FullyClothedSex has a large and good-looking collection. The site’s five years of existence has enabled it to build a collection that features over 400 scenes and an equal number of galleries. All of the flicks are more than 20 minutes in length, therefore, you are free to make than 20 minutes in length, and therefore, you are free to make the most of this collection in the way necessary.

Design and features

You will thoroughly enjoy the variety of options that comes with browsing the collection of FullyClothedPissing. As part of a large experienced network, you cannot expect any less than this. You will first be able to enjoy the flicks by simply clicking on them. This also lets you enjoy a few pictures from the galleries. They give you a synopsis of what the gallery has by tagging each video with its related pictures. The site’s images are in JPEG format and can be viewed at a high resolution of 2500 pixels.

Need you ask for more? These may just be the best pictures that you have ever seen. As for the flicks, you will be treated to a lot of viewing as well as download options. It does not matter whether you want to enjoy the videos at resolutions of 480px or 960px, you will get it all on this platform. In the same token, you can control the different video settings. For an average of 13 minutes, you will be able to enjoy the models in their best and their kinkiest. Fortunately, download speed is pretty decent and they do not subject you to endless hours of writing before you enjoy the scenes.

Girls & Videos

The models on FullyClothedSex are out to get fulfillment in every way that they can. Despite their being fully clothed, they twist and turn their bodies in every direction to make sure that the big cock hits them on the right spot. There are a few exceptions to the scenes that feature full-on sex with all the rest being fully clothed. It is evident that the models cannot be able to bear the thought of the tempting cocks only exciting the top of their pussies, thus, they urge their partners to go deeper. This mix of action thickens the plot even further. Even models who indulge in full on sex are fully clothed though they prefer to wear short skirts and thongs that let them easily let the cock inside their pleasure holes.

The models are naughty as they are sexy. They know exactly what it takes to make you cum and they pull all of their best stops. The only inhibitions that you will see on the scenes are the clothing but other than this, everything else will put you at the edge of your seat. The models do not only play with cock but they also indulge in numerous lesbian encounters where their pussies get serviced in and out of the clothes. The models vary in appearance as well as ethnicities and hair color. The blondes, redheads, and brunettes all being something different it the table. Join them into the world of erotic fantasies and join them in what they do best. The truth of the matter is that they will have you gasping for air.


The gorgeous women on FullyClothedSex bring next level adult entertainment. Apart from this, the site maintains the high professionalism that guarantees all round enjoyment like no other. FullyClothedSex does not have the intentions of slowing down anytime soon. If you are interested in sexual encounters that come with a difference, this site is highly recommended.

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