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Saturday, 01 February 2014 / Published in Gay
The most worthy pay porn site featuring class-A hardcore scenes


One of the biggest sources of gay hardcore videos online, Game for Gay porn site is filled with lots of challenges that will really keep you interested with all these gay HD videos. The makers of this site come from the Czech Republic, a country known for producing high-quality porn videos. Aside from high quality and sexy gay porn videos, you can also expect a lot of attractive gay models with big cocks in this site.

Design and features

The site is simple, functional and easy to understand. The layout is very basic. There is a homepage, which gives you a quick overview of the site. There are some videos on this page that you can watch. In the free tour, the videos are only limited. You have to upgrade and pay a membership fee in order to watch all the videos on the site. The homepage also shows us some links to the photos. There are also updates on the site like the recently uploaded videos and photos. Aside from the homepage, you can also see that there’s a separate page for the videos, photos, and models. The videos section shows an array of videos in the site’s collection.

There are already 17 videos in the collection, which are presented neatly across the pages. There are video thumbnails, a short description of the video, and some sorting and downloading options. If you want to stream it, you can make use of the flash player, which provides an excellent viewing experience. It is medium-sized and allows users to jump through different timestamps in these 30 minutes videos. It also has five to 10 seconds buffer and the playback quality is good. You can also download the videos in MP4 and WMV format. The MP4 file format is optimized for mobile devices while the WMV file format is perfect for large screens like our laptops and personal computers.

The MP4 videos usually have a dimension of 480×270. The regular videos are 768×432 and 1920×1080. You can download the videos without limit. It is also DRM-free so you can still watch the videos that you downloaded even though your membership has already expired. There are also links to photo sets in the videos section. These links lead to a separate page, which is the photos section. The photos section contains a long list of photos, which belong to a particular photo set. Each photo set contains around 300 to 400 photos and is usually fit together in one long page.

There’s nothing fancy about this page. The photos are displayed in a thumbnail and since the list is long enough, you have to scroll through the page to browse the photos. There’s no slideshow of these photos but it’s okay. If you click on the individual photos, you will be redirected to another tab where you can see the full size of the photo. The photos are 1200×800, professionally shot, has a good lighting, and as natural looking as possible.

Aside from all these awesome stuff, there are also bonus videos that you can find in the partner sites of this site, Game for Gay. The best thing about these sites is that even though they still belong to the gay porn niche, they have their own themes, each if which unique from each other. You will still find new things in each of these sites. Gay Snare is about straight guys being surprised by their girlfriends with a sweet gay sex. My BF Gay, the second of the two sites, is about girls catching their boyfriends fucking other guys. The videos that you can find in these two sites are also high quality since they all come from the same company as Game for Gay.

Guys & Videos

The models on this site are average to hot looking guys. There are some guys who have a muscular built while there are some guys who are just on the average build. I also noticed a few guys on the chubby department. Nevertheless, these guys all have beyond average dicks. These guys who prefer other guys are given a challenge at the beginning of the scene and from this, they start hitting off the streets looking for the perfect straight guy to do the challenge with. The default language used in every scene is Czech but there are a few parts that are in English.

There’s no subtitle in the videos so if you do not speak Czech, there’s no chance of understanding what the conversations were all about. After a few talks and chitchats, you will then see some progress in the task. The two starts to head in one direction and that’s where the fun starts. There are challenges such as fucking a taxi driver, a tourist or a bartender. The interesting twist is that these guys must be straight guys. There are some videos that you can see straight guys sucking the cock of these gay men. There is also a lot of anal sex. Each scene gets dirtier than the other.

These gay models are really talented with this craft. I simply cannot imagine how they were able to seduce these straight guys to bed. It seemed like just a snap of a finger and voila! These two hot guys fuck each other that easily.


I am quite impressed with this site. If you want to look for some fun-filled porn videos, you can check this site out and see it for yourself. For me, I am giving it two thumbs up because of the excellent site design, a simple one yet very convenient to use. Second, the scenes also have a unique concept. It is also offered in excellent quality so what else could you ask?

Just when you thought you have everything of your money’s worth, you’ll be more surprised to see a good selection of models and the long list of exciting bonus videos too. The two sites that come along with your membership are a lucky find and I’m sure if you loved the videos in Game for Gays, you will also fall in love with the videos in these sites.

“The site is no longer updated. Discover more material in the selection of great adult gay websites.”

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